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How Much Should My Baby Eat Daily in the First Year?

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Our article How Much Should I Be Feeding My 7 Week Old? gained so much interest, we figured we should follow up with another baby feeding article around what your baby should eat at other ages with in the first year for example 13 weeks, 26 weeks, 39 weeks, and 52 weeks.

All newborns are unique and will develop different eating patterns and needs. However, there are some typical baby feeding guidelines in the baby feeding chart below:

Age # of feedings / per day (24 hours) Frequency Ounces Night Feedings
13 Weeks / 3 months 7-9 Every 3-4 hours 4-5 Ounces 2-3
26 Weeks / 6 months 5-7 Every 4-5 hours 4-6 Ounces 1-2
39 Weeks / 9 months 4-6 Every 4-6 hours 6-8 Ounces 0-1
52 Weeks / 12 months 4-5 Every 6-8 hours 7-8 Ounces 0

Your baby’s feeding schedule and needs will highly depend on whether your baby is eating enough and is well nourished. A few signs that show that your baby is full and getting the right amount of nutrients are:

  • Breastfeeds on each breast at each feeding
  • Appears content when finished
  • Continues to gain weight
  • Has approximately 3 messy diapers (bowel movements) each day, and at least 5 wet diapers each day.

If your bundle of joy expresses discontent and/or is not needing multiple daily diaper changes, consider using a lactation supplement. Using herbs such as Fenugreek to increase milk supply is a time-tested strategy that nursing mothers have used for generations. Be sure to make use of every drop when feeding or pumping by using a milk catcher to collect any precious breast milk that leaks from the non-nursing side. Of course, consulting your doctor is recommended when making any decisions about your baby’s nutrition.

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