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Research the functions of the foreskin!

When in doubt, boob out! 🤱

Boys are born perfect too. Do not let your son’s first experience be one of unnecessary pain. Circumcision is NOT beneficial. 💙

Stop caring about what everyone else thinks. Do things your own way. Be confident in your decisions.

We all feel like we are doing it wrong. Trust me, you are doing perfect ❤

Your baby can’t fall off the floor. Sometimes it’s okay to put your baby down and take a minute, we all get touched out at some point.

The boob solves all.

Dry buns, full belly- doesn’t matter what you use to accomplish either one for your baby. They won’t remember anyhow ☺️

Feed on demand and when in doubt, feed 😁😁

I swear I thought it said 'breast' advice! 😂 But seriously, my advice would be to just go with the flow and don't stress out or put yourself down when it doesn't go exactly how you want it to go. You are the best mom for your baby. 😉

Feeding your newborn formula does not make you a bad mom. Using disposable diapers instead of cloth does not make you a bad mom. Using baby powder instead of diaper rash cream does not make you a bad mom. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for choices you made for your child. You ARE capable, you ARE fantastic. Self-love goes a long way.

If you are going to breastfeed, prepare more for that then anything!!! Disposable breast pads Pumping supplies Breastfeeding aids (more milk production, mother's milk tea...etc) BREASTFEEDING SUPPLIES, DIAPERS AND WIPES ARE EVERYTHING!!!!

Take the help

Return all socks that aren’t white (or whatever solid color) and the exact same kind. Buy all one color/type of sock

Just relax. Your kid will be so much more easy going if you are too- stop googling everything- find a group of moms you can trust to talk to and then follow your instinct even if it goes against what they say..

Always trust your instincts 💜

Breathe!! It's ok.

The first few weeks of breastfeeding are going to be really hard. Push through, you're awesome.

This too shall pass...

In all things, try to remain calm and flexible. Encourage your partner to do so as well. You are responsible for another person now, so it's really easy to freak out about everything! You will enjoy life and your baby more if you take a breath and roll with whatever happens. There is so much about babies you cannot control. If you are a planner or if you really like establishing a schedule, this is very difficult, but still possible. As a fellow planner, I promise you will learn to do this eventually but you'll figure it out sooner if you are able to remain calm.

Throw all your expectations out the window. Lol

Do what u feel is best for you and your child. But ask advice if you need to. Take the help. Take the nap. Enjoy every single baby cuddle!

🤔hmm i dont really know where to start but i guess follow your mother instinct and you're just gonna be fine😊

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