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A gallery of baby bumps, positive tests, ultrasounds and more – real stories from real people who struggled but ultimately found success in their trying-to-conceive journeys.


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Scary Mommy Time Out
When this new mom threw a rolled-up robe at her husband to wake him up, he was SO tired that he thought it was their baby. 😂
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Kris I’m doing this to you 🤣

That is a damn good dad right there. Hes beyond exhausted and is still willing to help mama out! Videos like this warm my heart!

HAHAHAHA Stone Junior

Awww this is beautiful

Sherette PhilpottSherette Jamie McCall

Alberto Montoya this is gonna be you

Alinn Willeford is this Dustin? 😂

Awwwww lol

Alex Zander you hahah

Ruiz Mary mira 😂

Lol!! Moi Espinoza

Fiux Olivares 😂😂🤣🤣

Christopher Michael Miklaszz

Carrie Dees Jr

Josh Poe

Joe Moranz😂

Teresa Vangorder O'Brien 😂😂

Megan E. Daricek

Robert Schwab

Richard Gustave

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13 hours ago

Belly to Breast: Fairhaven Health

When you first got pregnant, did you plan to breastfeed? ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes. I made it to 6 months before lack of support from family and even doctors made me feel like I had to stop.

Nope. I didn’t know much about it but my husband is the one that convinced me to.

Yes but wasn't able to

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