breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding Twins

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Breastfeeding twins comes with its own set of challenges, but it can be done. Your body makes milk on supply, so if you need enough for two, it will be there. However, it does take an extra measure of devotion and patience to breastfeed two babies.

The first thing to keep in mind is that feeding your babies is the most important thing. Pretty much everything else can be put on hold or delegated to someone else. It can be hard to put everything else out of you mind, but breastfeeding will go better if you are relaxed.

Take care of yourself. It takes a lot out of your body to feed two. Eat plenty of healthy food. Consider taking a breastfeeding supplement to be sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs. Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of sleep. The best way to do that is to sleep when your babies sleep. Someone else can fold the laundry (how about dad?).

Try different positions. The cradle can be modified for two by laying both babies across your lap with their feet crossing. The football or clutch position also works well, one on each side with legs pointed back behind you. Or, try one cradle and one clutch. Whatever you do, be sure and use lots of pillows to support both yourself and your babies. Nursing both at once saves time and gives you a bigger jolt of prolactin, but nursing your babies one at a time is fine too. New mothers may want to start by nursing one baby at a time to make sure that each baby is learning to latch on properly

If one of your babies catches on to latching on more quickly, feed that baby first. Then you will have more time to work with your more reluctant nurser. In addition, the first baby will have done the work to release let-down, so the second baby gets an instant reward for her efforts.

Make sure you switch breasts for each baby. If you assign a breast to each baby, you may find yourself getting lopsided if one baby drinks more than the other. More importantly, it is better for your babies to switch breasts so that they use both eyes to look around, rather than always having the same one one hidden.

If you are getting sore nipples, check your babies’ latch and positions. You can also relieve some of the soreness with a lanolin cream.

Even if you aren’t going back to work, consider investing in a good breast pump. Pumping will increase your milk supply. In addition, with two babies to feed, it is probably good idea to have extra milk stored.

Get support. Your best source is other women who have breastfed multiples. No doubt they will have lots of ideas and suggestions. Attending a La Leche League meeting is another place where you are sure to get plenty of support. If you need more support, contact a lactation consultant.

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