Dr. Marc Sklar Recommends FH PRO for Men

Fertility Expert, Dr. Marc Sklar, reviews our FH PRO for Men Fertility Supplement. If you’d rather read than watch, scroll down to the transcript below.


Transcript | Dr. Marc Sklar | Dr. Marc Sklar Fertility Expert on Male Reproductive Health and FH PRO for Men

This video is sponsored by Fairhaven Health. While I have a partnership with Fairhaven Health and recommend their products, the information and opinions in this video are 100% my own.

Hi everyone and welcome to fertility TV. This little video is a little bit different because today I am talking about a new supplement that I have fallen in love with and I wanted to share with all of you this is not something that I typically like to do which is why I want to share it and let you all take part in it and really use this tool to improve your fertility.

So often I spend a lot of my time talking about female fertility which is obviously a big topic but a another big topic is male fertility and over the years I've had patients who have come to me and said you know what do you think about this fertility supplement or that fertility supplement. There's always new ones coming out, always different ones coming out, that people ask me about and get my thoughts on in general. When I have seen these supplements I have not been big fans because I always felt like they were lacking in some way either missing some key nutrients or the dosage in it hasn't been appropriate for what I typically like.

So previously for male fertility they have always dosed with separate supplements individual. Like I find the individual nutrients and then say okay this is what I want you to take this one this one this one this one and you know they're taking a whole slew of vitamins to improve their sperm quality.

Well I was introduced to a new product that has taken what I normally do in all these little individual supplements and put them all into one not only with all the key nutrients, and I say ALL the key nutrients that I know where they like but yes all the key nutrients but also with the appropriate dosing. So, my new favorite male fertility supplement, and I don't see this changing anytime soon, is FH Pro for Men. I'm going to just zoom in here so you all can see - awesome - so it's by a company called Fairhaven Health. If you want a link for this little guy right here just click on the description below and you can get it. You should also, if you're on my blog post watching this, it is in in the blog post here talking about it so you can find that there.

So, this is really nice blend because it has all the - so it's going to serve as your multivitamin - and then it has all the key nutrients that we're trying to accomplish for all my male fertility patients and it does hit on every parameter - count, motility, and morphology. When we're looking at this, the B vitamins are methylated which is always great. I'm just looking at as we talk - a good amount of vitamin D, the let's see we've got some good zinc and selenium amounts in here, copper and then all the other key nutrients for increasing sperm from because those are just going to help sperm quality overall. We've got our nice carnitine and arginine at beautiful dosages. We've got CoQ10 at 200 milligrams which is awesome. We've got NAC, grapeseed extract and lycopene so this is a really great overall male fertility supplement.

On top of that, if I'm not mistaken, let's see here - they have done a research study which I'm just looking at right here, and are in the process of continuing to do a research study with men, and they showed that before from before prior to taking the supplement to after:

  • sperm count increased by 33 percent
  • progressive motility increased by a 122 percent
  • morphology increased by 62 percent
  • DNA fragmentation decreased - which is what we want - decreased by 20 percent
  • oxidative stress reduction decreased by 44% which is also what we want

So these are all fantastic parameters and improvements that we like to see. They are continuing to do some more research on this product but if you are looking for a well-rounded , appropriate male fertility supplement to increase your fertility in all parameters - count, motility and morphology - then FH Pro for Men is the one for you.
Check it out use the link to grab yours today.

Alright everybody, I'll see you in the next episode.