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BFP Ovulation Test Strips

BFP Ovulation Test Strips

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Eco-friendly and affordable ovulation test strips to help pinpoint ovulation.

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Key Benefits

Takes the guesswork out of ovulation prediction by detecting the LH surge 24-48 hours before ovulation.

  • The most affordable and eco-friendly option for urine-based ovulation testing - no plastic cartridge
  • Manufactured in North America. Many competing products are made in China
  • Over 99% accurate
  • Easy to use: read your results within minutes
  • Purchase as many individual tests as you need or buy one of our test bundles

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About BFP Ovulation Test Strips

Pinpoint your Ovulation Date with BFP Ovulation Test Strips. Made in North America for Accuracy. We say it every day here at Fairhaven Health: the key to achieving pregnancy is knowing when you ovulate, your most fertile time of month. A great way of determining that is by using urine-based ovulation tests.

Ovulation tests work by detecting the surge in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) that occurs just before you ovulate. When your LH levels go up, you know that ovulation is right around the corner. In fact, you will typically ovulate within 24-48 hours of your LH surge.

Our BFP Ovulation Test Strips are designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women. They’re easy to use, highly accurate, and they cost just a fraction of what drugstore brands charge.

Unlike midstream ovulation tests, which are held directly in the urine stream, BFP Ovulation Test Strips are designed to be dipped into collected urine (check out our urine collection cups here). After dipping the test in urine, lay it on a flat surface. Within minutes, your test result will appear. A positive result indicates that peak fertility is at hand and that this is your optimal time for achieving pregnancy.

Interpreting the results of your ovulation test is simple: simply compare the intensity (boldness) of the test line to that of the control line. If the test line is as bold or bolder than the control line, that indicates a positive result and ovulation will occur within 24-48 hours. If the test line is fainter than the control line, or if the test line is not visible at all, that indicates a negative result.

Complete test instructions ship with every order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mIU/L?

The BFP ovulation tests are testing at the 30 miu level.

When should I start testing?

This is different for everyone, and is dependent on your cycle length. Please use graphic above (and included in the instructions) to determine the cycle day you should begin to test.

What time of day should I test?

You will want to use your first morning urine to test- as this is your most concentrated sample.

How do I know the test is working?

You can confirm that the test is working accurately if you receive a valid control line. A test without a control line would be an invalid test, and should be discarded.

Is there an expiration date for these tests?

The expiration date is printed on the back of the packet. Generally, the expiration date will be approximately eighteen months from the purchase date.

How is this test different from the midstream strip format?

The only differences between these tests is how you use them. For the test strip format, you will collect a urine sample and then dip the test into that collected sample. For the midstream format, you will hold the test midstream while urinating. Otherwise, the tests have the same accuracy and sensitivity.

Will FMU cause a false positive?

We do not recommend you use first morning urine as it may cause an invalid result.

My test line is visible but not equal to the control line. Is this a positive?

A positive result is EQUAL TO or DARKER THAN the control line. If you see a result at the test line that is NOT at minimum EQUAL TO the control line, we encourage that you continue testing.

My test is positive, when should I ovulate?

Once you receive a positive, we recommend that you consider yourself in a fertile window and plan intercourse. It is likely that ovulation will take place in the next 24-48 hours.

My test line became positive after the testing time frame, is that a positive?

A positive test result will not change after the testing time frame. However, a negative test result should not be read after 30 minutes. If you are unclear, we recommend that you retest after limiting your liquid intake for 2 hours.

Can I use this test to determine pregnancy?

No, you can not. We encourage that you use our BFP Pregnancy Tests to determine if you have conceived.

My test result is negative – but my other tracking tools show that I am fertile. What’s happening?

To help cover your fertile window, we recommend that you plan intercourse anytime you have a fertile indicator on a tracking tool (like saliva monitoring, cervical fluid, cervix position, etc). Because an ovulation test is urine based and can be subject to dilution, it may not be your first positive sign that you are moving into your fertile window.

Can you use this ovulation kit on women with irregular cycles as well?

Yes, women with irregular cycles can use these ovulation tests as well, however, they may end up using more tests in one cycle than women with regular cycles.

Is it better to do an ovulation test twice per day as opposed to just once?

The BFP Ovulation Test instructions call for testing once per day; however, some people do elect to test twice per day given that the LH surge can be brief, and factors like urine dilution can impact testing results. If you elect to test twice per day, try to test at the same times each day (i.e. once in late morning and once in early evening).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent any disease.

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