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BFP Midstream Early Pregnancy Tests

BFP Midstream Early Pregnancy Tests

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Midstream format, early detection pregnancy tests.

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Key Benefits

BFP Pregnancy Tests provide all the features trying to conceive women are looking for in a pregnancy test.

  • Made in N. America to ensure accuracy unlike many others which are manufactured in China
  • Early detection: positive results four days before your missed period
  • Over 99% accurate
  • Easy to use: test results in minutes
  • Purchase as many individual tests as you need or buy one of our test bundles

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About BFP Midstream Early Pregnancy Tests

BFP Pregnancy Test – Midstream Tests are Made in North America to Ensure Accuracy.
At Fairhaven Health, we’re in the business of creating products to help couples achieve pregnancy. So when we set out to introduce our own brand of early pregnancy test, we knew that it had to be one that reflected the unique needs of our target demographic, as well as the end result our customers were striving to achieve – a BFP (or “big fat positive” as we call it in the online trying-to-conceive community).

And so was born the BFP Early Pregnancy Test, the first pregnancy test designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women.

The BFP Pregnancy Test excels in precisely those parameters regarded as most important in a pregnancy test by trying-to-conceive women: early detection, accuracy, and ease of use.

Early Detection: As any trying-to-conceive woman can attest, waiting until your missed period to take a pregnancy test is one of the most difficult aspects of the trying to conceive experience. Fortunately, with the BFP Pregnancy Test, you don’t need to wait nearly that long. The BFP Test provides you with greater advance notice of pregnancy than other brands, allowing you to receive a positive result as early as 4 days before your missed period.

Accuracy: We understand that the trying-to-conceive experience is stressful enough without having to worry about the accuracy of your test results. False negatives, ambiguous test lines, and invalid results are more than a simple inconvenience when you’re hoping for your Big Fat Positive – they’re an emotional rollercoaster. The BFP Pregnancy Test boasts greater than 99% accuracy, so you can rest assured that the result you receive is the correct one.

Ease of Use: The BFP Pregnancy Test is easy to use – simply remove the protective cap and hold the test in your urine stream for 5-10 seconds. Replace the cap and lay the test on a flat surface with the reading window facing up. Within 10 minutes, your results will appear: one line = negative; two lines = (big fat!) positive.

Test instructions ship with every order. You may also download the BFP Pregnancy Midstream Test instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mIU/L?

The BFP pregnancy tests are testing at the 20 miu level.

How early can I test?

You can begin testing as early as 7 days post ovulation.

What time of day should I test?

You will want to use your first morning urine to test- as this is your most concentrated sample.

How do I know the test is working?

You can confirm that the test is working accurately if you receive a valid control line. A test without a control line would be an invalid test, and should be discarded.

Is there an expiration date for these tests?

The expiration date is printed on the back of the packet. Generally, the expiration date will be approximately eighteen months from the purchase date.

How many tests do I get per package?

Each test is individually packaged. You will want to update the quantity with the amount of tests that you would like to purchase, i.e. – Quantity 10, would be 10 pregnancy tests.

How is this test different from the test strip format?

The only differences between these tests is how you use them. For the test strip format, you will collect a urine sample and then dip the test into that collected sample. For the midstream format, you will hold the test midstream while urinating. Otherwise, the tests have the same accuracy and sensitivity.

My test line is faint but visible. Is this a positive?

Yes, any test line that is visible to the naked eye (at the testing time frame) is considered to be a positive test result.

Is it normal to get a positive with these, but still get negative’s with other pregnancy tests? I’m assuming it’s because these are really sensitive?

Yes, pregnancy tests may have a different sensitivity. You’d want to compare that on each test!

My blood test is positive, but the results on the pregnancy test are negative. Should I be concerned?

Blood test results and urine test results should not be compared. HCG will hit the blood stream earlier than urine and isn’t subject to dilution. As such, a blood test done by your physician is a more accurate test.

I have missed my period, but test result is still negative. What could be happening?

Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons why your period could be delayed – stress, sickness, etc. If your period does not start within a week, repeat the test. If you still receive a negative result and your period has not started, you may want to follow up with your physician.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent any disease.

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