fertility coaches

Fertility Coaches – Who They Are and How They Can Help

fertility coaches

Fertility coaches, also known as infertility life coaches, help a couple to steer their way through the difficult decisions and treatment options that may be presented throughout their bout with infertility. As many know, this time can be especially trying on your relationship as well. Family and friends may not know what to say or how to help. A fertility coach can help to lay out all the information necessary while providing full support throughout your decisions.

Fertility coaches can be there every step of the way whether for advice on medical procedures, prescription medications or even alternative treatment options. They can walk you through the entire process (and confusing medical terminology) while explaining the benefits and/or consequences to each option. This helps a couple to feel more prepared and confident when picking the option that is right for them and are better equipped to communicate more effectively with their doctor. Some even help determine if insurance will help to cover your specific treatment choice. If infertility persists, fertility coaches can help support the couple as they determine if they want to consider adoption or a life without children.

Dealing with infertility can be quite an emotional rollercoaster for a couple – and having to make such important and possible life-changing decisions can put an even bigger toll on your relationship. Having a fertility coach to talk with allows the couple to discuss each of their own fears and concerns, as different as these concerns may be, in a safe environment. Individual, couple, and group sessions are available dependent upon the fertility coach. Many offer sessions over the phone or online to provide a certain type of comfort and confidentiality if that is what the couple prefers. Fertility coaches can help you to look forward in your battle against infertility and lend a hand in helping you choose the best option for you.

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