breastfeeding and caffeine

Breastfeeding and Caffeine

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Being a mom, especially a new mom is a tiring job. Many moms really enjoy -some even say need, that morning cup of coffee. If you are one of those moms, there is good news. Most moms don’t have to give up caffeinated beverages while breastfeeding. It seems that even a moderate amount of coffee does not have much effect on most babies. According to La Leche League, you and baby should be fine if you keep your consumption to five, 5 ounce cups of coffee a day or less.

However, there are some special cases. Some babies are sensitive to caffeine. If you baby seems especially jittery, fussy, and is having trouble sleeping, he may be feeling that caffeine and you should consider limiting or eliminating your caffeine from your diet. Babies under six months may also have problems. Their bodies may not yet be able to process caffeine. However, most newborns do outgrow this. If your baby is sensitive to caffeine you may have to switch to decaf or start drinking another beverage like herbal tea – at least for awhile. If you simply must have your cup of coffee, try to drink it just after you feed your baby.

Another concern many breastfeeding mothers have is about milk supply. However, they need not worry. Caffeine has not been shown to diminish a mother’s supply of milk. So, go ahead and have that latte!

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