Our Medical Health Advisors

Fairhaven Health works with respected medical consultants to establish – and then meet – the most rigorous benchmarks for product development, supplement formulation, quality assurance, and scientific research consultancy. Our advisors represent a wide constellation of health specialties, including fertility (reproductive medicine), maternal-fetal medicine, obstetrics and pediatrics, as well as contemporary herbalism and preconception nutrition.

The medical health professionals we work with are uniquely “hands-on” when it comes to both researching established clinical data and assisting in product formulation. All of our nutritional supplements are cooperatively developed by doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists to ensure both product safety and maximum efficacy. That’s why Fairhaven Health is among the most trusted providers of non-prescription fertility solutions and pregnancy health products.

Our Team


Dr. Botros RizkPeter Rizk, MD, MA, FRCOG, FRCS, HCLD, FACOG, FACS
Peter is a Professor and the Head of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at the University of South Alabama. Dr. Rizk has published over twenty medical textbooks covering various aspects of infertility, ultrasonography and robotic surgery and is one of the early members of European Society for Human Reproduction in addition to being a founding member of Middle East Fertility Society.
Studying under Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Edwards, a recipient of the nobel prize in Medicine for the world’s first successful In Vitro fertilization treatment, Dr. Rizk began his career in Reproductive Medicine in London and Cambridge and later joined the prestigious University of Cambridge as faculty from 1990 to 1993. Dr. Rizk is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists in England, the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada in addition to the American Board of Bioanalysts in Embryology & Andrology.

Professor Rizk’s clinical interest and research has focused on ovarian stimulation and is internationally recognized as a leading authority on ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), having made original contributions to the pathophysiology and prevention of the condition. His book dedicated to OHSS is now widely utilized as a standard reference guide. In addition to his extensive work with OHSS, Professor Rizk is recognized as a leading authority on endometriosis and has published over four hundred peer reviewed articles, book chapters, and abstracts over the past 25 years.


Suzanne Munson, M.S., R.D.Suzanne Munson, M.S.
Suzanne Munson’s passion for natural health and whole foods nutrition led her to Bastyr University, one of the world’s leading academic centers for natural health sciences. After earning a Masters of Science in Nutrition, she completed the required coursework, internship and exam to become a Registered Dietician. Suzanne has served as adjunct faculty at Bastyr University, as clinic supervisor at the Bastyr University Natural Health Clinic, and has published several articles on nutrition and natural products.

Professionally, Suzanne has worked with the American Institute of Biosocial and Medical Research whose clients include Natrol, Country Life and Costco (in-house Kirkland brand). She has extensive experience within the health supplement field working as a consultant to the natural products industry, specializing in product formulations and consumer education.


Helen Anderson, MSN.ed, BSN, RAN, CLEHelen Anderson, MSN, RN, CLE
Helen has an international reputation as a leader in innovative breastfeeding products. She studied nursing at Chemeketa Community College, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Western Governor’s University and recently earned her Master’s in Nursing Education. Helen received her Lactation Education teaching credential from Oregon’s top program and continues to educate women through published articles and lectures. Helen’s patented products have been used by women around the globe to help them breastfeed longer and more successfully.
Through programs she developed, Helen works with federal organizations, including WIC and local health departments, to increase breastfeeding rates in the most vulnerable populations in the US. She is an advocate for human milk banking and has donated several hundred ounces of her own milk to nourish hospitalized infants.

Helen has established herself as an expert in the field of human lactation, writing articles for publications such as Pregnancy & Newborn, Mothering, American Pregnancy Association and many others. As an official expert with New Mommy Media, Helen is a featured guest on podcasts relating to breastfeeding and lactation, she also volunteers at her local Babies R’ Us, teaching Breastfeeding 102- focusing on simple techniques for making more milk. Through social media and the Fairhaven Health Belly to Breast page, Helen connects with moms to share the latest in breastfeeding research.
With a focus on sustainable materials, durable products and local manufacturing, Helen maintains her commitment to minimize environmental impact in every way. In her own community, Helen volunteers her nursing skills to McMinnville Free Clinic, a group of doctors and nurses that provide free health care to anyone in need.


Anna Davis, Ph.D., RYTAnna Davis, Ph.D., RYT
Anna Davis has a doctorate in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Washington where she has taught Physiology, studied the role of electrical activity in embryo development and co-authored educational software to teach cell physiology, now one of the leading educational simulation packages in neurophysiology used on campuses worldwide (NerveWorks). Her scientific research is published in top tier academic journals including Journal of Neuroscience and Journal of Physiology. Dr. Davis is also a certified yoga instructor.

Dr. Davis’ passion is the cross pollination of Western science with the ancient wisdom of yoga, using concepts from both to promote health and happiness. She recently completed a yoga DVD that incorporates scientifically proven yoga and relaxation techniques to promote optimal reproductive health for couples with fertility challenges, Bend, Breathe and Conceive. She holds yoga/science workshops and is developing a research program similar to those run by Harvard’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine where contemplative practices are used in conjunction with Western medicine and scientific insights to develop programs to promote health.