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Welcoming Wylder!

Everyone told me that my labor would be faster the second time around, and I should have believed them! When contractions started around 10 o’clock, I figured I would get one more night of semi-good sleep before heading to the hospital. Boy was I wrong! An hour and a half later, I was pacing around my kitchen waiting for my mom to get to our house so we could head to the hospital (my mom was staying with Pepper!) . . . . my contractions were already less than 3 minutes apart and intense! We checked into the hospital a little after midnight on May 12th, and I was already dilated to a 7 with contractions continuing to intensify. I labored un-medicated with my husband, doula, and midwife by my side for the next couple of hours. At 2:27am Baby Wylder joined us at 7lbs 3 oz  and 19.75” long!

During delivery, I asked my midwife to use BabyIt to help soften and stretch my perineum and ease baby W’s entrance into the world. I am thrilled to report that I experienced no vaginal or perineum tearing. Also, using BabyIt didn’t cause any irritation or burning, which I experienced last time when the physician used mineral oil. I didn’t need to use BabyIt after delivery for myself, but have used it for W’s skin irritations and have been impressed with the healing power of the product.

BabyIt is definitely a product I would recommend to all pregnant gals! Trust me, I know that perineal massage before and during labor is not the most fun thing to do… but come on-wouldn’t you do anything you could to prevent an episiotomy!?! Using BabyIt just helps to make a not so pleasant thing, as pleasant as it can be because it doesn’t cause irritation, burning, or tissue trauma with its 100% Isotonic formula.

Time has flown by… and after 4+ months I am starting to get the hang of being a working mom of 2! 

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