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There Were Tears…

Even though Ms. P has moved on from the boob, I have been trying my darnedest to keep my production up by diligently using my Nursing Blend, Fenugreek, and pump. I have my heart set on P getting breast milk until she turns one – which occurs in a few short weeks! With that being said, I have started a love/hate relationship with my pump. My manual pump seems to only entice an ounce or so, so I have to cart the motorized pump around wherever I go to get the most from my efforts.

When I remember all the parts and extra bottles, I love it and I successfully pump up to 12 ounces each work day! When I forget them, which is more often than not… it is a whole new story. Because of this, I have come up with very clever ways to “MacGyver” my pump to work without certain parts. One example being, tying Ziploc baggies to the pump with hairbands to collect the milk. This “solution” has worked for me many times, so I had no worries putting the baggies of milk in the office fridge the other day.

But… right as I opened the door, I saw it. My precious milk had spilled everywhere, dripping over the edge of the shelf and throughout the refrigerator. As I exclaimed in peril and tears began to form, a co-worker quickly came to my aid. She helped to wipe up the milk, throw out the “contaminated” items, and wash off the many other items affected by the leak. As grateful as I was for her help, I secretly thought… if she wasn’t here, could I have saved any of the milk? Who knows what I would have tried to do in my moment of panic and desperation, so luckily she was there!

I left work empty handed and lesson learned. I have not forgotten bottles since.

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