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Yippee – Summer is Here!

With the temps rising, there is a lot to keep in mind for you and your little ones. Here are a couple of tips and hacks I have to help keep your cool!

1. Always, always, always make sure that you double-check the backseat for your baby when you are getting out of the car! Already this year, 16 children have died from vehicular heatstroke. And as many of us think “that would never happen to me, I could never leave my child in the car” . . . it clearly happens! My simple reminder is to put my purse (including phone and wallet) in the back seat. That way, if I ever did forget, I would not get far without those.

2. Protect your baby’s skin! As a very fair skinned person, who ranges from white to varying shades of red, I was thrilled to see that Ms. P seems to have gotten her skin tone from her dad. Even so, I always try to make sure that she is covered up to protect her from harmful and intense summer rays. Putting sunscreen on a baby is never an easy task (and even harder when they are wet), so I invested in a long-sleeved swim shirt and hat (that has UV protection). This extra layer of protection helps to mitigate the inevitable ‘oops’ if you miss a spot applying sunscreen! Also, make sure that you are stocked up on Baby Friendly sunscreens (for babes over 6 months old)! I love California Baby.

3. Hydrate! Babies can dehydrate quickly. Their bodies have relatively small fluid reserves and high metabolisms that make it easy to lose the water and electrolytes needed for their bodies to function. Dehydration can be life threatening, so it is important to offer your baby more water throughout the day during hotter months. Unfortunately, hydration is hard to gauge – especially in someone that cannot offer clear feedback. A great way I have found to keep an eye on P’s hydration levels is to count the number of wet diapers P has during the day. I also ensure that we have fruits and vegetables rich in water, like watermelon and cucumbers, on hand throughout the summer as a tasty, hydrating treat.

Even though we love the summer sun, it is important to keep in mind the effects it has on our little ones.

Have fun and stay cool 🙂

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