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Success with Hormone Balance Bundle!

My infertility battle was almost 2 1/2 years long.  I have two sons from my first marriage that are 8 and 11 years old.   I never had difficulties conceiving in my 20’s.  I noticed my periods changing about 4 years ago when I turned 30.  They got lighter but remained regular.  I kept complaining to my OB and she brushed it off as, “I was getting older” and offered me no solutions.  I kept complaining of weight gain and light periods with barely any clots. I lost the 30 lbs I gained and was down to my original weight of 135lbs.  I changed my diet by cutting out processed sugars and empty calorie junk food.  I never smoked either.   We still had no success conceiving.

My partner and I started trying to conceive about 2 1/2 years ago.  He was married for 12 years and they never had children. My OB sent him for a semen analysis in the summer of 2015.  His count and motility was not an issue for 45 years old. In the summer of 2016 I was finally diagnosed with PCOS after numerous cycle scans and lab work.  We tried two rounds of Clomid with no success.  The second round at 100 mg showed signs of success with larger follicles but my uterus thinned out.  In November 2016 my OB couldn’t give me any answers to our infertility and had no solid action plan.

Frustrated, I decided to finally try the Fairhaven products that I had found online several months prior.  I thought the reviews were too good to be true.  I ordered the Hormone Balance Bundle and started taking them in the middle of November 2016.  I took them daily as directed on the bottles. I noticed changes in my periods.  I started to get heavier bleeding and clots.  I had more energy and felt better too.  This past March we finally got our long awaited positive pregnancy test!  We are due in early December 2017 with our little girl! – Sarah

Products Used: FertilAid for Women, OvaBoost, Myo Inositol

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