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Second Time Around…

My second pregnancy has been very different than the first. While I wouldn’t say the first pregnancy was a “walk in the park,” this pregnancy has been much harder on my body, my skin, and my soul. Having the first pregnancy under my belt has helped me be more proactive about self-care and managing symptoms (morning sickness, leg cramps, & swelling) but I have experienced many new challenges that I wasn’t prepared for.

With a history of PROM (premature rupture of membranes) my care is much more medical – under the supervision of an OB, versus the touchy feely and comforting approach of the practice of midwifery. Also, I have had a lot more testing… and needlesL

Another new experience has been melasma – or the mask of pregnancy. Because I am fair skinned, these darker spots are very apparent. Although not harmful or painful, I will admit that I am more vain than I thought. I have been very grateful to have the resources of pregnancy-safe skin care from our friends over at the to help with treatment.

Last but not least… exhaustion! My lord, I am so tired… all the time. The days of lounging and Netflix are now replaced by chasing after Ms. P, potty training, and keeping our household in somewhat of an organized state. And since my belly bumped earlier this time around… sleep has already become elusive.

The only great part about pregnancy #2 has been Ms. P’s reaction to her baby sister. Every day she asks me… “Mama, how’s your baby growing?” It makes my heart smile and reminds me that in the whole scheme of things, we are going to get another little wonder to love & cherish!

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