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Healthcare Professionals who want to make Fairhaven Health products part of their women’s health protocol have two options:

1) Purchase Fairhaven Health products at a discounted wholesale price and make it available to patients directly from their office, or

2) Request sample products and brochures that include discount codes for your patients to order directly from Fairhaven Health. We will then replenish your supplies as needed.

At Fairhaven Health, we strongly believe that trying-to-conceive couples can improve their conception odds by doing three simple things:

1) Increasing their awareness about what impacts their fertility
2) Identify the most fertile days in the menstrual cycle and timing intercourse accordingly
3) Supplementing their diets with key, scientifically-validated antioxidants and nutrients

As a result, we are committed to providing a broad spectrum of products to help couples conceive naturally, including fertility supplements, ovulation prediction tools, an FDA-cleared fertility lubricant and much more. Once couples conceive, our PeaPod Prenatal and Milkies product lines support women throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding with innovative, effective products.

Products frequently recommended by Medical Professionals:

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