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Praise God for FERTILAID!

I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to bare children without additional support because 7 of my dating years with my now husband, we were having unprotected sex but never a Bfp ( we weren’t hoping for one either). We got engaged in December 2015 and in May of 2016 found out that we were having a little girl ( very surprising with no supports). I pretty much thought that I was invincible. Fast forward to marriage- we desired children but were very discouraged because of how many years it took us to conceive our daughter. One day an add for fertilaid mysteriously popped up in my browser and I began to check it out. After reading so many great reviews I decided to give it a shot. I took a pregnancy test the last week in August and received a BFN- started fertilaid August 27th. On Sept 12th I had what I thought was my period except it only lasted for an hour following a brown discharge- I googled the symptoms and came across implantation bleeding and thought, there is no way this stuff works this fast. So I snuck out the house and grabbed a test from CVS only to receive the incredible news of a BFP. I always knew that prayer works but I praise God for fertilaid. It worked!! Now I look forward to my husband waking up to this!!! – Chelsea Taylor, September 14th 2018

Products Used: FertilAid for Women

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