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One Small Step…

Ms. P has been thinking about walking for months now. Pulling herself up and walking along the furniture. We have been waiting for weeks; excitedly anticipating that first solo stroll. And for weeks, she made fools out of us, laughing at the sight of us as we scrambled to grab cameras whenever she stood up by herself… just to see her drop back down and crawl over to us.

Friends and family members kept telling us not to worry, and that we would miss the days that she was still somewhat immobile. We though, could not wait! We worked on walking all day, everyday -trying to encourage her, tempt her with toys, or even trick her into taking those first steps. We knew that she could do it…. It was just a matter of getting her to try.

The one thing that finally worked, and it never even crossed my mind, was peer pressure! After having our monthly “Baby Class” get-together, at which all the other kiddos (older and younger than P) were walking, it clicked. That night she was unstoppable! She went from no walking to practically running around the house in a matter of hours.

And now…. we understand what everyone was talking about 🙂

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