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It’s Time to Eat!

Transitioning into pureed foods is a big milestone, and Ms. P handled it with flying colors. Me, not so much! Around the 7 month mark, P seemed to need more calories, and wanted to nurse more frequently than ever before. She also was very aware and concentrated at mealtime as she watched us eat. All these signs pointed to the fact that Ms. P was ready to start pureed foods.

I was surprised as to how hard it was for me to make the transition, even though I knew it to be the right move. I wanted to continue to feed P the best, and so I was keen on making my own baby foods. However, I quickly learned that taking time to prepare pureed food is a lot more effort than putting her to breast. Also, trying to schedule solid food time into breastfeeding time, threw our daily schedule off!

After a few weeks of forgetting (and shaming myself) we finally established a great routine that added two food sessions into our typically seven breastfeeding sessions. I also begin to streamline my food preparation process with the use of the Milkies-Food Tray. Having easy to heat, 1 ounce portions of food, allows me to prepare a batch of food (my own food) ahead of time without concern that it will go bad or be contaminated.

The other great thing about using the frozen “foodsicles,” is Ms. P’s finicky behavior. One day she will love one type of food, and will only eat that type. Then the next day she will refuse to eat it?! Totally common behavior… but boy does that make for a lot of wasted food! Using the foodsicles allowed me to prepare one ounce at a time and gauge her interest, and then heat up more or switch to a different type if need be. Overall saving food, my sanity, and my dogs from getting to many extra treats!

Now if I could only get P to eat without needing a bath afterward… only time will tell 🙂

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