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Is It Time?

On a daily basis I get asked if Pepper will have a brother or sister any time soon. At this point, we are still not quite sure as to how we feel about baby #2. We are still over the moon about baby #1! According to the ACOG (American Center of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), it’s recommended that women wait a minimum of eighteen months prior to conceiving again, allowing the body time to physically and nutritionally recover from the last pregnancy. With Ms. P’s 18-month mark just around the corner, I definitely have been more open to the idea of trying again.

Because of this, I have begun using FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) alongside my OvaCue to help me pinpoint my fertile window, and for now… avoid pregnancy. Becoming familiar with my body and natural cycle gives me confidence that when we are ready to TTC again, we will be able to start ASAP.

We also have both begun use of FertileDetox to help to cleanse our bodies, and optimize our reproductive health and wellness. And for me, use of the PeaPod Prenatal and PeaPod Omega3s during this time is important to prepare my body nutritionally for another pregnancy.

So, like most of our customers, my daily thoughts are consumed with tracking, charting, and remembering to take my vitamins! I also am making conscious decisions about my health and beauty routines, as many products can be toxic and/or harmful for trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing women.

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