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I Am Losing It…

The third trimester is full of new side effects… memory loss/forgetfulness being one of them. Although there is no documented scientific study to link pregnancy and memory loss, the majority of moms-to-be experience it (or at least the ones I know agree!). This side effect has been deemed the ‘pregnancy brain,’ and can be summed up as a ‘fog like’ existence. I am sure that the lack of sleep I’m experiencing during this stage of pregnancy isn’t helping, but the main culprit appears to be the hormones that are surging, as the end is getting near. I have to admit, although I had heard of ‘pregnancy brain’, I was skeptical . . . until now. I am a planner, a list maker, and someone who is typically always on time. Or at least I used to be. Case in point, last week.

So to back up a bit, we have a relatively new business phenomenon here in Bellingham… the self-serve frozen yogurt shop – Menchies. I personally am not a dessert destination go-er, but my co-workers had been raving about this place for months. On one particularly warm day, I decided to swing in and give these “can’t be beat” yogurts a shot! Better than eating ice cream, right? Well, to sum it up, it is AMAZING and I am now totally addicted!

Now to circle back to my “pregnancy brain,” here I am sitting at Menchies (which has become a somewhat daily activity) enjoying my yogurt in the sunshine. It is not until I arrive home that I review the missed calls on my phone and realize that I have completely spaced a doctor’s appointment. Not just any doctor’s appointment, but one I have been waiting 8 weeks to get in to! I wanted to scream!! This physician is a specialist in dermatology, and skin conditions. Back in February (before I knew I was pregnant), we went to Florida and during our trip I noticed a rash on one part, of one of my legs. I thought nothing to worry about, probably a sun rash, or potential reaction to the sunscreen I was using. This rash did not spread or change, but oddly has lasted up until now. After many attempts at over the counter remedies and at home essential oil remedies, nothing seemed to work. My general physician and midwife have nothing to offer besides it may just be my body’s reaction to the pregnancy. Thus, the specialist referral was set in motion.

Luckily, the receptionist was understanding of my “pregnancy brain,” being a mom herself, and got me rescheduled … in 2 weeks! So, we will see what comes of this appointment. My gut feeling is that the rash will go away once she is here, but we shall see. I am just glad to at least get through the referral hoops with this year’s insurance deductable! So, lesson learned… and I will now be sure to use the reminder function on my phone to help me to remember important dates and meeting times. Since my brainpower is declining, this is another reason why it is super important to be using an Omega3 supplement support. The PeaPod Omega 3 contains two important fatty acids, pharmaceutical grade EPA and DHA, to support baby and me during pregnancy. These nutrients are helping to not only support baby’s cardiac and circulatory systems, but also help with the central nervous system and promote brain development. Post delivery, it is found to enhance infant cognitive function and attention span. It also is known to decrease the odds of premature delivery. Overall, a must use product!

Although the supplement contains premium Icelandic fish oil, from small fish like herring and mackerel to decrease concerns with mercury content, the supplement does not have a fishy aftertaste but rather a natural citrus flavor. This is great news, as the daily dosage is 3 capsules daily and definitely could have been an issue when nausea was a concern already. This supplement can, and should, be used even post delivery to help maintain health and wellness, and continue to provide baby with support through breast milk.

Only 7 more weeks to go… I think 🙂

– Tally

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