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Getting to Know Me…

Hello all! I would like to welcome you all on my journey to motherhood. To give you some background about myself, I will start from the beginning. My name is Tally, and I am currently a mom to a family of four-legged kids – our dogs, Rebel & Cosmo and our cat-dog, Gus (he thinks he is a dog). Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am an outdoor enthusiast as well as a DIY diva. I starting working at Fairhaven Health in 2011. The company’s products and mission, as you may know, are to support women from preconception through nursing, and boy did I learn a lot about myself and my cycles while working here! I was dating my current husband when I began work here, and we were using hormonal birth control. The knowledge that I gleaned from my work here empowered me to take charge of my own fertility, and for us, natural family planning into my own hands. By using the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, I was able to accurately pinpoint my ovulation naturally, and take steps to avoid pregnancy. Once we were ready to begin this journey into parenthood, I then adjusted use of the unit and utilized the OvaCue with the goal of pregnancy. Being in an industry where I speak and interact with clients daily that are struggling to achieve pregnancy, the OvaCue definitely made me feel confident in my ability to monitor my cycles accurately as we began our TTC efforts.

Another great perk of the job is all the great supplements that we offer! I began use of our PeaPod Prenatal, Omega 3s, and Cal-Mag supplements from the get go, and I’m still taking them. These general health and wellness supplements are invaluable for women in their maternal years! Even though I pride myself in living a healthy and active lifestyle, our diets do not provide us with all the vitamin support necessary to live our best life. These particular wellness support supplements ensure that we are getting proper support, and the use of a prenatal is recommend to women 6 months prior to actively trying to conceive. Having the supplements in my system helped me to transition easily into using them during pregnancy when we received our BFP in February! The only additional supplement I needed to add was Vitamin D, which I probably should have been using already being that I live in the PNW.

The early phase of my pregnancy was, overall, nothing to write home about. Like most, I did suffer from daily bouts of nausea. I think the term “morning sickness” shouldn’t be allowed in pregnancy books and articles, as my nausea lasted all day long. I was able to grin and bare it with the use of our PregEase supplement. Not to say that most of my days, from week 6-16, didn’t include at least one dash to the bathroom, or sink, or the trash bag in my car, I hate to complain at all about it. The moment you complain about pregnancy woes… oh my, the stories you hear! I have heard the gambit of feedback, and it makes me so grateful for the little misery I had.

I would say the worst part of my first trimester was how much we, as a couple, struggled with deciding on how we wanted to bring this little person into the world. Doctor or Midwife? Hospital or BirthCenter? Genetic Testing or not? We started at the doctor’s office, thinking that my beloved OBGYN of 8 years could help direct me. When I called to make my appointment I was informed that as of January 2014, my doctor would no longer be delivering babies. As you can imagine… this was the last thing that I wanted to hear. The nurse heard the panic in my voice, and quickly informed me of the great new co-op of physicians available to support me. I would meet with each doctor throughout my pregnancy and whomever was on call that day, would be my doctor. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am not overly comfortable with strangers around my lady parts. This seemed like dating, after a break up, and I was just not up for it again. With that chip on my shoulder, we went to our first appointment. In walks the doctor, and I immediately felt panic. He left the room to get the test results, and I immediately turned to my husband and said, “I can’t do this! He is younger than me! How many babies could he have delivered?” Obviously, a complete overreaction for a person who has probably a decade of medical experience, and my husband just smiled and said, “Probably not younger, but he could definitely be your same age.” Bless his heart! We made it through our appointment, but I still didn’t feel good about the “only” option provided.

This is when I looked to the midwife community, and found a perfect fit. This midwife acted as my little sister’s doula during the birth of my niece, and I was very impressed by her and her demeanor. Great, problem solved right? Not quite, my husband, liked the idea of having the baby at the hospital for safety reasons (which I respected) but I have always hated hospitals, and that is why the idea of using a midwife/birth center appealed to me to begin with. Hospitals have never been a place of comfort for me, and I feel my anxiety rise just walking through those sliding doors. Also, I am a complete baby when it comes to needles. I know, I know – wait 9 months right? But truthfully, the idea of an epidural scares me more than giving birth. Most definitely, you can have a natural birth in the hospital, like my sister did, but they still require IVs and monitoring and all the stuff that I hate! Luckily, after meeting with our midwife, my husband was completely put at ease as to her skills and ability to help me through the birth process in a safe and monitored environment.

Phew, ok. Midwife, check. BirthCenter, check. But the next biggie on the list… to test or not to test? My husband is older than me, and although I am not quite in the mandatory testing age bracket, research is now linking paternal age to baby’s health concerns too! With that being said, the options provided for standard testing, did not appeal to us at all. The risks, not to mention the large needles required, did not offer enough incentive to receive feedback of 1/200 chance. At least not for us. Luckily, our local lab had recently begun offering the new genetic test, Panaroma. This test is simply a blood draw from mom that is then sent down to a company in California where it is processed. In lay person speak, what they do is spin my blood so fast that they can remove my DNA and just look at baby’s. Therefore, they can do a complete genetic screen and provide accuracy at 99%. Amazing, huh? The other awesome thing, because they have DNA, you can find out baby’s sex earlier than the 20 weeks. So, we are happy to report a healthy baby girl!

Now, to decide the name…

– Tally

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