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Category Archives: Pregnancy Basics

There’s just so much to know when it comes to pregnancy. Here’s our “down and dirty” version of Pregnancy 101 – the essential items you’ll want to acquaint yourself with to get an overview of what’s in store over the next several months.

First Trimester Pregnancy Signs

First Trimester Symptoms and the Embryonic Phase The first signs of pregnancy, besides confirmation from a pregnancy test, include implantation bleeding, a missed period, morning sickness, fatigue, tender breasts and nipples, increased frequency of urination, and curious food cravings and hunger pangs. Now we are at around 3 to 4 weeks since you ovulated and […]

Top Ten Signs You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs We’ve all heard stories from women who just knew they were pregnant from the moment of conception. The rest of us, however, are left to rely on other – less intuitive – means of determining if there’s a baby on the way. Here’s our list of the Top Ten Signs you may be […]

Your Pregnancy By Trimester

Pregnancy by Trimester

Pregnancy is a magical time but it is also marked by some dramatic physical and emotional transformations. It can be a confusing time, particularly if this is your first pregnancy! Helping you better understand these transformations and what you can do to optimize health is the intent of the articles below. Your Pregnancy by Trimester […]

Promoting Pregnancy Wellness and Breastfeeding Success in Our Communities

Pregnancy Communities

As a leading provider of natural and safe products to support pregnancy and nursing, we love to hear about the work that people are doing in our community (and throughout the nation) to promote pregnancy wellness and breastfeeding success. And, we especially love it when these people ask us to partner with them in their efforts. […]

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