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Category Archives: Nutrition, Lifestyle & Supplementation

It’s often said: “You are what you eat.” This concept holds up equally well when it comes to our fertility status. Diet, alcohol, tobacco and drug use, exercise, vitamins… all of these factors can have a direct effect on our ability to conceive. Here you’ll find helpful information about how nutrition and lifestyle impact your fertility.

Cervical Mucus Changes During Ovulation

Cervical Mucus Analysis in Ovulation Prediction The presence and tactile consistency of a woman’s cervical fluid undergoes a number of changes during her menstrual cycle. By observing changes in cervical fluid, a woman can predict ovulation – her most fertile time for conceiving a baby. One of the purposes of cervical mucus – during the […]

Red Clover: Is It Safe and Effective For Fertility?

Red Clover: Is It Safe and Effective for Fertility?

By Chris D. Meletis, N.D. Red clover is a botanical traditionally used among midwives to support fertility and reproductive health. It’s also well-known among many menopausal women as a means to support overall health and well-being.1 Red clover contains plant-based estrogens known as phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens—or isoflavones as they’re sometimes called—can behave similarly to natural […]

Science of Stress and Infertility

Yoga Fertility and Stress

An infertility diagnosis or prolonged, unsuccessful efforts to have a baby can cause stress, anxiety, and depression at levels equal to those found in women diagnosed with heart disease, metastatic cancer, or HIV infection.1  Scientific studies show that this stress negatively affects the reproductive hormone axis of both men and women, making it even more […]

Vitamin D and Iodine are Game Changers for Optimized Fertility!

Vitamin D and Iodine are Game Changers for Optimized Fertility!

By Dr. Chris D. Meletis There are two critical nutrients that tens of millions of North Americans are overtly low in; Vitamin D and Iodine.   Both of these nutrients are crucial for one’s overall health and wellbeing regardless of one’s fertility goals.  Yet, when it comes to seeking peak fertility Vitamin D and Iodine are […]

Myo-inositol: A Fertility Tool for PCOS and Beyond

By Dr. Chris D. Meletis There is inherent wisdom within the human body to seek balance as the foundation of wellness and fertility. Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) often have to work harder to keep their blood sugars in-check, maintain regular menstrual cycles so critical for optimal fertility, minimize androgens (like testosterone and DHEA) […]

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