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Category Archives: Charting & Other Helpful Tips

Information about fertility is great, but how do you apply it to your own situation? Here’s where you’ll find concrete tips and tricks to help increase your odds of conceiving.

Choosing your Baby’s Sex with BBT Charting

Shettles Method: A Practical Guideline to Selecting Gender Using A Fertility Chart to Choose the Sex of Your Baby > See Also… Part 1: Techniques of Gender Selection: Theories and Myths Part 2: The Shettles Method: Timing Intercourse & Position While the theory behind the Shettles method appears, prima fascia, fairly logical, there are still many medical […]

Common Questions About Ovulation Testing

Facts and Tips to Help You Conceive Sooner… – Can I Receive a positive lh test result and not ovulate? – Can I Receive a negative lh test result and still ovulate? – How can I increase the accuracy of ovulation tests? Good questions! Before answering, let’s go over a brief overview of fertility and […]

Ovulation Prediction and Basal Body Temperature

BBT – or Basal Body Temperature Charting – allows you to predict ovulation based on charting changes in your body temperature throughout your menstrual cycle using a special thermometer called a “basal” thermometer. Basal Body Temperature and Ovulation Prediction One of the many changes that take place in a woman’s body during her menstrual cycle […]

Fertility Myths Debunked

Ovulation Myths: Learning from Common Misconceptions about Preconception Getting pregnant is complex, let’s face it – at least when you look into the biology of it, the balance of reproductive hormones, the vagaries and vicissitudes predicting ovulation and timing intercourse. The last thing we need is misinformation or pregnancy myths or someone telling me I’m […]

Fertility Definitions

Frequently Used Cycle Terms Back to: Menstrual Cycle Ovulation Ovulation is the process in the menstrual cycle when a mature ovarian follicle discharges an ovum – or egg. This is a woman’s most fertile time of the month to conceive a baby. Ovulatory Phase Facilitated by an increase in the hormone LH, enzymes are secreted […]

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