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Changes in Breasts from Breastfeeding

Written by Samantha Sorden Your breasts constantly change throughout your life; they fluctuate depending on your estrogen and progesterone levels during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. These hormone levels determine the amount of fluid in your breasts, causing changes in shape and size. Your breasts are made up of fatty tissue, which becomes […]

Storing Expressed Breast Milk

Written by Samantha Sorden Breast milk is the best food you can feed your baby; it contains key nutrients that help your baby fight diseases, enhance cognitive and behavioral development, and keep your baby healthy. Safely storing expressed breast milk allows you to continue feeding your baby on demand and ensures that your baby receives […]

How Do I Know My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?

Written by Kelli Bottolfson-Brown A common concern for new moms is milk production. How do you know that you are producing enough milk to properly nourish your baby? This concern is likely rooted in the fact that we live in a bottle-feeding culture and as such, we have been taught to measure and control how […]

Milk Banks and Online Milk Sharing

Written by Samantha Sorden If bottles of extra breast milk take up a majority of your freezer space, perhaps you should consider making a donation to your local milk bank to help other infants in need. North America is home to 11 milk banks, organizations generally associated with hospitals, where mothers like you can donate […]

Colostrum: What Is It?

Written by Samantha Sorden We’re classified as mammals because we can produce milk specifically to feed our young. Breast milk contains key nutrients that help your baby grow, physically and cognitively, and fight off disease, leading most medical authorities to believe that breast is best. Although breast may be best in the eyes of medicine, […]