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Getting the Most From Your Breastfeeding Experience

Once you and your baby gets the hang of latching on and you are comfortable breastfeeding, you can do it pretty much anywhere, but why not make it as enjoyable as possible? For times when you are breastfeeding at home, consider creating a special space, just for you and baby. Location, Location, Location Any corner […]

Benefits for Mom and Baby

Your milk is amazing stuff! Your body makes it just for your baby, it’s designed for your baby’s age and it is by far the best thing for him. Formula is a poor substitute and should only be used if you cannot breastfeed or when medically necessary. Best for Baby Your breast milk contains the […]

Common Questions

How often should I breastfeed my baby? Why is colostrum important? What is hind milk? What if my baby bites me? What can I do about leaking? Why is my baby suddenly breastfeeding so much? I stopped breastfeeding but now I want to start again, how can I relactate? Can I breastfeed if I’ve had […]

Perceived Insufficient Milk (PIM)

Perceived Insufficient Milk

Lactation consultants know that perceived low milk supply is the most common reason moms start supplementing with formula, and then ultimately give up breastfeeding altogether. While the actual percentage of moms that wean early due to Perceived Insufficient Milk (PIM) is tough to pin down – estimates range from 35-80% – milk supply appears to […]

Breastfeeding Guide

Breast Feeding Guide

As parents, we are constantly making decisions about how best to care for our children. Without question, one of the most important decisions you will make in the early days of parenthood is how to feed your newborn. While formula companies spend billions each year on advertising to try to convince us that formula is […]

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