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Category Archives: Latching, Pumping, and Other Breastfeeding Basics

As natural as breastfeeding is, it isn’t always completely intuitive at first. Here you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to ensure your liquid gold makes it from breast to baby without too much drama.

Exclusive Pumping (aka “eping”)

Written by Kelli Bottolfson-Brown Some moms find themselves pumping their milk and never putting their baby to breast. The reasons for this choice are personal for some moms and practical for others. Breastfeeding can bring out uncomfortable feelings for moms who are survivors of sexual abuse and their solution for meeting their own needs as […]

How Much Should I Be Feeding My 7 Week Old?

Question: I’m pumping milk how much should my baby supposed to drink while I’m  at work? My baby is 7 weeks old.. And as they get bigger how much should they drink Answer: Hope your adjustment back to work is going smoothly. Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer for exactly how much breast […]

Back to Work and Pumping: Maximizing Your Success!

Written by Marion Rice, Director of the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon and Program Manager for Maternal/ Child Health at Oregon Public Health Institute After baby comes, it seems you have no time for anything you did before and you can’t believe you can’t remember what life was actually like when you didn’t have this amazing […]

Latching On

Getting baby to latch on correctly is not only essential for good feeding, but will also save you from having to cope with sore and painful nipples. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get your baby to latch on correctly. After you have gotten yourself comfortable, begin by positioning baby so that his […]

Positioning Baby

You will probably breastfeed for months, maybe even years, so finding nursing positions that work for you and your baby is an important task. The right position will not only make breastfeeding easier, it will help to avoid sore nipples. There are four basic positions. Some women find one that works and stick with it, […]

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