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I Can’t Believe a Year Has Gone by Already!

Everyone tells you that the time flies. . .and I have tried to take advantage of the experiences and appreciate each stage with P, but I sure wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the 1st year. So much changed in the last few months. . . it has been a whirlwind!

Once she started to crawl, everything changed. We had to baby proof the house, get used to toys being out and everywhere (all the time!), and prepare our 4 legged kids for the inevitable hair pulling and becoming climbing gyms for P. Personally, I had to come to terms with Ms. P self-weaning and growing independence. My little lady, born at just 5 lbs 13 oz, is becoming a big girl!

She is a good eater, and loves most everything we eat. Her favorites include pasta with meat sauce and rice with beans. She is trying to use her spoon, and drinking from a sippy cup. It is incredible to remember that less than 6 months ago breast milk was her ONLY food source!

She is also becoming more and more coordinated, and loves to give high fives and blow kisses. Because she is getting teeth, she is chewing and teething on almost everything! I have found lots of great teething aids at our sister store: to help us get through this next stage!

PregnancyStore is a great resource for us new moms, and provides helpful and must have new mommy and baby products – all in one place, with customer service to help you decide what you need . . .without ever leaving the house! From our friends at the PregnancyStore, please take advantage of a 10% savings code on all products using the code: BABY.

I wish that I had this incredible resource earlier; it definitely would have made my journey into motherhood a bit easier. Now that I am a year in… I feel like I am starting to get it!

Now if I could only get used to being asked when we are going to have baby #2! 🙂

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