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Burning Up… From the Inside Out!

Wowza! We are experiencing a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. Temperatures are climbing into the mid 80s, which I know is nothing to most of the country, but for us it is HOT! Most homes and businesses here don’t even have air conditioning due to our typically mild climate. Luckily, here at Fairhaven Health we do! I have to say, I’m even more excited for the workweek, just to come and sit in air conditioning! On the home front, we do not. Thankfully, we had the foresight to put ceiling fans in the bedrooms during our renovation last year. I can’t tell you how many days in the last week, I have laid stark naked in bed with the fan blowing at full speed on me, just to be comfortable enough to sleep. I am also grateful for my sister’s in-laws who live on a lake here in Bellingham, and have graciously opened up their home to me. Floating in the water is like being in heaven! The coolness and weightlessness feels absolutely amazing, and until the forecast shows a change, I don’t imagine a better way to spend my afternoons. Spending so much time in the sun though, I have made sure to protect my skin, especially my face! I do not want to get the dreaded “pregnancy mask”, the darkening of skin around your eyes, known as Chloasma. Wearing large shades and a hat, with my SPF 50 has so far prevented this from occurring.

Unfortunately, my troubles with heat have not been limited to the outdoor temperature. Ms. Pepper is already living up to her name, and creates a little inferno inside of me! As she grows, she is compressing my internal organs, and I have begun to feel the not so pleasant symptoms of heartburn. I have that awful feeling of burning in my chest after eating and sometimes even results in vomiting. As someone who loves spicy foods, I have made the heartbreaking sacrifice of removing spice from my diet, and will hopefully find some relief. I have also started eating smaller meals throughout the day, and limiting my water intake when eating as to not overload my stomach capacity. Unfortunately, these symptoms plague me no matter what I seem to do. I have started use of my PregEase again, which tends to offer me short-term comfort, and has definitely curbed the vomiting.

One of the worst side effects with heartburn is the change I have had to make in my sleeping position. I had finally adjusted to my new side sleeping, but now I have to wedge myself more upright to keep the inferno at bay. As you can imagine, this and the temperature in my room, has made good sleep almost impossible. Which inevitably effects my mood… making my overall demeanor much more unpleasant than I would like. Note to all – do not tell a pregnant woman that she looks tired, or that the lack of sleep she is getting will prepare her for her new life as a mom. We do not want to hear it, and you may be in for a backlash! Maybe it’s not warranted…. . but either way, I blame it on my exhaustion and inability to control my hormones. Is anyone else with me there?

Things that would have rolled off of me 6 months ago, now seem to fester and my emotional reactions are far more explosive than anticipated. I have always prided myself on being a fairly levelheaded individual, but I fear those days are over. Case in point…. let me tell you about a recent incident with a watermelon. Yes, a watermelon! I was craving watermelon, so I went to a local store to purchase one. After getting home and slicing it open with the eagerness of a kid in a candy store, my heart sank as I found the inside to be completely bad. I broke down into tears, just like a child. My husband thankfully, with love and understanding, said that he would go into town and replace the melon. Unfortunately for both of us, the melon that was replaced by the store was also bad. Again, my emotions got the best of me, and I fell into a stage of depression… yes, another emotion that maybe wasn’t warranted! Luckily, the chase and dream of a Dairy Queen ice cream cake changed my outlook. Much to mine and my upcoming Glucose Screening Tests’ dismay, I ate practically the entire thing. Thus is life, right?!

– Tally

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