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Back to School, Baby!

It’s official, the third trimester has begun! It is amazing to think that she will be here with us in a few short months. Even more amazing is the amount of change and growth that is going to happen during this last phase of pregnancy. Ms. Pepper is going through a major growth spurt, adding fat layers, and plumping up in preparation to join us! At this point, all her major organs are functional, and she would survive if born now. With that being said, we want her to stay cozy in there and fully cook until week 40 to be considered full term. When I was recently shopping for some baby clothes, it was absolutely incredible to me how tiny newborn clothes look…. and then I saw the preemie clothes! They are so tiny! I think that I had dolls that were larger in size as a kid! So, it definitely was a good scare tactic to ensure that this last phase of pregnancy I keep up the good work to stay healthy and do my best to be patient, as we get closer to the end. This next couple of weeks are so important for baby’s brain and nerve development, and to let her immune system build.

We continue to monitor her at home with the use of our AngelSound Fetal Doppler, and have even been able to share her heartbeat with family and friends, with the use of the recording feature. Check it out:

Click to Listen!

As she has grown, and her senses become more aware, we can actually notice changes in her heartbeat as we talk to her. It is AMAZING! My husband loves to sing to her, and it really affirms the bond that they are developing when she reacts to hearing his voice. It is said that babies after birth will turn and look to seek out familiar voices to them from being in utero. So chat away… sing and read to baby during this time to help build this connection. It is even said that singing the same song or reading the same book can help to soothe baby during those fussing times after delivery.

We also decided that now was the time to build our education base, to help to prepare us for the big event ahead! Although books and magazines can help in building your knowledge base, nothing beats the hands on learning and engagement of a Childbirth Class. There are quite a few types of classes to choose from, so you do want to do your research to determine what class is the best fit for your birth plan. Some popular choices currently are:

  • Lamaze: the use of simple, natural strategies to use during labor, like rhythmic breathing, hydrotherapy, massage, and positions. This method is used by ¼ of women during labor, and its techniques are often partnered with other birthing methods.
  • Bradley Method: natural childbirth is the goal of this method, so if you are hoping to go the au natural route, this may be the class for you! It is said that 90% of followers of this method do go on to delivering without medication, either in the hospital or outside of it. This method focuses on self-awareness and trusting your body’s intuition by using relaxation techniques and partner coaching to ease pain and stress.
  • Alexander: this method targets posture and movement techniques to ease muscle tension with coordinated breathing exercises. The goal of this technique is to strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles prior to delivery to help aid in the birthing process.
  • Hypnobirthing: uses the power of suggestion to help you to relax and let your muscles work to give birth. Affirmations and visualizations are used to guide thoughts to decrease stress and fear.

Through our research, we decided on a local class that was a Bradley Method hybrid. We particular chose the method due to the involvement of your partner as the coach in the birthing and delivery process. I have decided that I want to keep my delivery experience private, so wanting to limit the amount of people in the room to myself, my husband, and our midwife and her assistant. So, my husband being knowledgeable and able to act as my coach and doula seemed like a perfect fit. This class will also educate both of us on strategies for relaxation and natural pain management, as I do hope to have a natural labor in a birth center. Our class will run for the next 10 weeks, and will hopefully bring us right up to full term, with a couple of weeks to spare!

– Tally

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