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And Baby Makes 4!

Pregnancy Test

Yes, you read that correctly . . . and maybe are as shocked as I was to find out! Baby #2 is due in May, and although we weren’t actively trying to conceive, I am so excited for the new addition joining our family. Life sure is busy with a kiddo running around (but isn’t life always busy!?), and whenever we were asked if we were going have another one, I couldn’t help but think that the idea of starting over was daunting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom! It’s just the thought of being pregnant again, then having a newborn, and juggling breastfeeding and work and a toddler sounds like a lot to manage! So, I put it off, and would think to myself . . . maybe we are good with just one OR maybe we will try next year.

Well, after a lazy month of NFP combined with a wonky cycle (thank you stress!), was fate’s way of saying it’s time! Luckily, I have a great support system that is thrilled at the idea of a new addition. I have been taking all of my supplements daily (PeaPod Prenatal, Omega-3, and Cal-Mag), so when I was finally ready to get pregnant again, my body would be too! I’m happy to report that my “morning” sickness hasn’t been as bad this time around, but, I have been very diligent about using the PregEase and Tea for Two to help to keep symptoms at bay. I can’t believe I’m already starting the 2nd trimester, and I am crossing my fingers that things will begin to improve and I will finally feel the “glow” of pregnancy.

Here’s to hoping!

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