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Review of FertiliTea for Women!

I only used two boxes of this tea and I already got my BFP!!! I was using two tea bags a day. One month on fertile tea and I’m just waiting to go to the doctor! - September 7th 2018

Review of FertiliTea for Women!

"I only used two boxes of this tea and I already got my BFP!!! I was using two tea bags a day. One month on fertile tea and I’m just waiting to go to the doctor!" - September 7th 2018
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4 days ago

Belly to Breast: Fairhaven Health

🙌A lot of you send us messages that say “I don’t have enough milk. What do I do?” And I have to reply, “What do you mean?” And your answer falls into four categories: I don’t feel I have enough milk, baby isn’t gaining weight as expected, I pump little after I nurse, or I am not pumping enough to feed my baby while we are apart. I would like to answer all these at once but the post would be long. And Facebook does eventually cut you off like Drake at the Grammys, just when it’s getting good. So I don’t feel I have enough milk is easy: is baby gaining steady weight? It is important to note that many doctors are still charting breastfed babies on the CDC charts which were derived from formula-fed weights. The WHO has developed charts based on breastfeeding gains. Weight gains on newborns should be tracked from their lowest point. Newborns lose weight the days after birth. More than 7-10% is cause to see a lactation consultant to see if there is something amiss. What about wet diapers? My aunt told me to track wet diapers. Yes! Excellent immediate way to see if baby is drinking enough. 4-6 wet diapers is the minimum. Wet, btw, means 2-3 oz, if you are unsure you can measure that amount of water into a diaper and see how heavy it is. Not the full story but it can ease our anxious parent minds. My baby isn’t having enough diapers? My baby isn’t gaining enough weight? Help! Your best first step is see a certified lactation consultant. Make sure baby is feeding 8-12 times a day. More is okay. Some babies feed every hour. That may not mean you have low supply. Have baby checked for tongue and lip ties. If you and your health professional conclude supplementing is necessary, it is okay. You have not failed or causes harm not everything works perfectly. There are steps you can take to nurse and get baby those calories. Kellymom says using pumped breastmilk should be the first option. Giving milk in alternative ways than a bottle can avoid nipple confusion. A supplemental nursing system is easy to set up and allows baby to stimulate the breast while getting needed intake. I will put links to all this in the comments. And next week I will post about pumping more. ~~ Mel ... See MoreSee Less

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