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Trivia Tuesday! Since Thanksgiving is this week, we thought we'd stray from our normal TTC trivia and do something different!

What year was the first Macy's Day Parade? (Don't google it....just give us your best guess!!)
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1924 and they even had live animals in it !!!









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A rotten apple.

A rotten apple.


1 day ago

Belly to Breast: Fairhaven Health
This is such helpful info! Be informed!

This is such helpful info! Be informed!Were you told to supplement? Did you supplement while #breastfeeding? What helped you keep your supply on track while using donor milk or formula? #supplementing #combofeeding #breastfeedinggoals [Image: Photo of person with a worried expression holding a baby in their arms. Text: Thinking of Supplementing? Many parents are encouraged to supplement breastfeeding. If your baby is truly needing to be supplemented the first rule is feed the baby. For less urgent situations, read on for more info. Things to consider: Ask your healthcare provider for a detailed description of why they are suggesting supplementation. Look at the baby, not just the chart. Is baby alert? Is baby meeting developmental milestones? Consider how labor and delivery may affect growth. IV fluids and medications can inflate birth weight or make a baby sleepy and less willing to nurse. Have you and baby been thoroughly assessed by a Leader or lactation consultant to rule out possible nursing problems with parent or baby? Explore the option of using an at-the-breast supplementer rather than a bottle. Stay positive, and continue to work with a breastfeeding helper to help you form a short and long-term plan for how to supplement without undermining breastfeeding. ] ... See MoreSee Less

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