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Welcoming Wylder!

October 16, 2017

Everyone told me that my labor would be faster the second time around, and I should have believed them! When contractions started around 10 o’clock, I figured I would get one more night of semi-good sleep before heading to the hospital. Boy was I wrong! An hour and a half later, I was pacing around my kitchen waiting for my mom to get to our house so we could head to the hospital (my mom was staying with Pepper!) . . . . my contractions were already less than 3 minutes apart and intense! We checked into the hospital a little after midnight on May 12th, and I was already dilated to a 7 with contractions continuing to intensify. I labored un-medicated with my husband, doula, and midwife by my side for the next couple of hours. At 2:27am Baby Wylder joined us at 7lbs 3 oz  and 19.75” long!

During delivery, I asked my midwife to use BabyIt to help soften and stretch my perineum and ease baby W’s entrance into the world. I am thrilled to report that I experienced no vaginal or perineum tearing. Also, using BabyIt didn’t cause any irritation or burning, which I experienced last time when the physician used mineral oil. I didn’t need to use BabyIt after delivery for myself, but have used it for W’s skin irritations and have been impressed with the healing power of the product.

BabyIt is definitely a product I would recommend to all pregnant gals! Trust me, I know that perineal massage before and during labor is not the most fun thing to do… but come on-wouldn’t you do anything you could to prevent an episiotomy!?! Using BabyIt just helps to make a not so pleasant thing, as pleasant as it can be because it doesn’t cause irritation, burning, or tissue trauma with its 100% Isotonic formula.

Time has flown by… and after 4+ months I am starting to get the hang of being a working mom of 2! 

Second time around...

March 14, 2017

My second pregnancy has been very different than the first. While I wouldn't say the first pregnancy was a "walk in the park," this pregnancy has been much harder on my body, my skin, and my soul. Having the first pregnancy under my belt has helped me be more proactive about self-care and managing symptoms (morning sickness, leg cramps, & swelling) but I have experienced many new challenges that I wasn't prepared for.

With a history of PROM (premature rupture of membranes) my care is much more medical - under the supervision of an OB, versus the touchy feely and comforting approach of the practice of midwifery. Also, I have had a lot more testing… and needlesL

Another new experience has been melasma - or the mask of pregnancy. Because I am fair skinned, these darker spots are very apparent. Although not harmful or painful, I will admit that I am more vain than I thought. I have been very grateful to have the resources of pregnancy-safe skin care from our friends over at the to help with treatment.

Last but not least… exhaustion! My lord, I am so tired… all the time. The days of lounging and Netflix are now replaced by chasing after Ms. P, potty training, and keeping our household in somewhat of an organized state. And since my belly bumped earlier this time around… sleep has already become elusive.

The only great part about pregnancy #2 has been Ms. P's reaction to her baby sister. Every day she asks me… "Mama, how's your baby growing?" It makes my heart smile and reminds me that in the whole scheme of things, we are going to get another little wonder to love & cherish!

Time flies when you are pregnant with baby #2!

January 26, 2017

Wowza! I'm embarrassed that it's been so long since my last update. To be honest, the blog is not the only thing that is taking a backburner these days … even my pregnancy is! Most days I even forget that I am pregnant, and if it weren't for her movement (Oh, yes, we are having another girl!), I probably would forget all the time.

She is especially active at night when I am trying to sleep… which is already hard enough! I have found some relief when using the BellyRest Pregnancy Pillow, and have been recommending it to all my pregnant friends! (Shop today and SAVE 10% with code: BABY) It has been a lifesaver! The adjustable pillow accommodates my growing belly and doesn't take up my entire bed. It is also compact enough to realistically travel with, which was a godsend during our holiday travels.

Another product that I am absolutely loving right now is the Angel Sounds Fetal Doppler. I used this with my first pregnancy but find that we are using it more this pregnancy because Ms. P is so interested in hearing her baby sister. It has helped me to connect with this little lady too!

Hope to catch up with you again soon… no promises though :)

And baby makes 4!

November 15, 2016

Yes, you read that correctly . . . and maybe are as shocked as I was to find out! Baby #2 is due in May, and although we weren't actively trying to conceive, I am so excited for the new addition joining our family. Life sure is busy with a kiddo running around (but isn't life always busy!?), and whenever we were asked if we were going have another one, I couldn't help but think that the idea of starting over was daunting. Now, don't get me wrong, I love being a mom! It's just the thought of being pregnant again, then having a newborn, and juggling breastfeeding and work and a toddler sounds like a lot to manage! So, I put it off, and would think to myself . . . maybe we are good with just one OR maybe we will try next year.

Well, after a lazy month of NFP combined with a wonky cycle (thank you stress!), was fate's way of saying it's time! Luckily, I have a great support system that is thrilled at the idea of a new addition. I have been taking all of my supplements daily (PeaPod Prenatal, Omega-3, and Cal-Mag), so when I was finally ready to get pregnant again, my body would be too! I'm happy to report that my "morning" sickness hasn't been as bad this time around, but, I have been very diligent about using the PregEase and Tea for Two to help to keep symptoms at bay. I can't believe I'm already starting the 2nd trimester, and I am crossing my fingers that things will begin to improve and I will finally feel the "glow" of pregnancy.

Here's to hoping!

An Unspeakable Loss...

September 14, 2016

A dear friend of mine gave birth to a stillborn baby at 40 weeks, due to a cord accident. Being present at her birth has changed my life forever. It has taught me to appreciate the miracle of life so much more, and has helped me to be a better mother, friend, and person.

I look at my daughter with different eyes, eyes that have been opened to the unspeakable sadness of losing a child and then also to the joyful moments that should be appreciated daily and not overlooked. As hectic and chaotic as life can be with a child under two... I have found more gratitude and appreciation for the messes, the arguing over how many books to read at bedtime, and the tantrums that come from a little person dealing with a big world.

I have also come to understand how import it is to share and grieve, and love and connect. It has made me appreciate that no matter how many weeks or months or years we get with our children, they are precious. We have many words for people who experience loss, a widower or an orphan, but there is no word to for a woman who has lost a child. Miscarriage and infant death has become a taboo subject in our culture creating a burden women have to carry alone. I think that it is important for women to share these loses with family and friends - no matter what!

My hope is that by sharing this experience it will help others to know that they can and should share theirs. They say it takes a village to raise a child... and I believe it takes the same village to grieve and remember that child too!

Yippee - Summer is here!

July 5, 2016

With the temps rising, there is a lot to keep in mind for you and your little ones. Here are a couple of tips and hacks I have to help keep your cool!

1. Always, always, always make sure that you double-check the backseat for your baby when you are getting out of the car! Already this year, 16 children have died from vehicular heatstroke. And as many of us think "that would never happen to me, I could never leave my child in the car" . . . it clearly happens! My simple reminder is to put my purse (including phone and wallet) in the back seat. That way, if I ever did forget, I would not get far without those.

2. Protect your baby's skin! As a very fair skinned person, who ranges from white to varying shades of red, I was thrilled to see that Ms. P seems to have gotten her skin tone from her dad. Even so, I always try to make sure that she is covered up to protect her from harmful and intense summer rays. Putting sunscreen on a baby is never an easy task (and even harder when they are wet), so I invested in a long-sleeved swim shirt and hat (that has UV protection). This extra layer of protection helps to mitigate the inevitable 'oops' if you miss a spot applying sunscreen! Also, make sure that you are stocked up on Baby Friendly sunscreens (for babes over 6 months old)! I love California Baby.

3. Hydrate! Babies can dehydrate quickly. Their bodies have relatively small fluid reserves and high metabolisms that make it easy to lose the water and electrolytes needed for their bodies to function. Dehydration can be life threatening, so it is important to offer your baby more water throughout the day during hotter months. Unfortunately, hydration is hard to gauge - especially in someone that cannot offer clear feedback. A great way I have found to keep an eye on P's hydration levels is to count the number of wet diapers P has during the day. I also ensure that we have fruits and vegetables rich in water, like watermelon and cucumbers, on hand throughout the summer as a tasty, hydrating treat.

Even though we love the summer sun, it is important to keep in mind the effects it has on our little ones.

Have fun and stay cool :)

Have Baby... still travel!

April 27, 2016

A recent study shows that 74% of women find vacation planning stressful… but I am sure if they polled only mothers, it would be 100%! I love to travel, I used to be in that 26% of women who looked forward to vacation planning- new adventures, exotic foods, and just getting away… but that all changed post baby.

Traveling with Ms. P is a hassle. So far (fingers crossed) she has done just fine, but I can't help but get anxious the moment we step into the airport. Between the car seat, stroller, all her stuff (in sizes that don't comply with the TSA 3.4oz requirements- requiring a checked bag), and of course P, just getting through check-in and security makes me want to beeline towards the airport bar.

Then of course there is the plane ride… a set amount of time where I am supposed to be a super -star parent to a super-star baby that doesn't cry, whine, or annoy anyone. Time seems to stand still, and every flight (no matter the length) is way too long! And although we are incident free so far, we have our longest travel plans to date on the horizon. Just writing about it… I start to feel my blood pressure rise.

So, I am not going to say I am a pro at this… but I have come up with a few techniques that have made our travels as a family easier.

1. If you can, buy the seat for baby. **I know that this isn't ideal for most, and we have definitely taken advantage of the "Kids under 2 fly FREE", but man- if I had the finances to get the seat or use miles, I would do it in a heartbeat. It just makes life so much easier to not have a stranger sitting with you- for you, and for them!

2. Always, always, always pack extra everything! Food, diapers, clothing (for you and baby), and toys. When you don't have it… you will need it. Guaranteed! I will never forget the flight to Hawaii we took, where I sat for over 5 hours in a puke stained shirt-because I didn't think to bring extra clothes for me. Terrible!

3. Know the rules! Unfortunately, some airline employees are not up to speed as to what the REAL regulations are for 1. Breastfeeding Moms 2. Traveling with a lap child or 3. Traveling with Milk/Milk Storage

You would be surprised as to some of the crazy things I have been told are TSA polices when traveling, just to hear something completely different from the next flight attendant or TSA employee. Know the rules- so you feel confident to stand up for yourself and your family! Here is a great resource:

If you do find yourself at 30,000 feet listening to a wailing baby, or see a woman crying over her FROZEN breast milk being confiscated by TSA, or hear a flight attendant telling a nursing mom to stop… have empathy! And if she is a blonde, with a daughter named Pepper…say hello :)

Is It Time?

March 8, 2016

On a daily basis I get asked if Pepper will have a brother or sister any time soon. At this point, we are still not quite sure as to how we feel about baby #2. We are still over the moon about baby #1! According to the ACOG (American Center of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), it's recommended that women wait a minimum of eighteen months prior to conceiving again, allowing the body time to physically and nutritionally recover from the last pregnancy. With Ms. P's 18-month mark just around the corner, I definitely have been more open to the idea of trying again.

Because of this, I have begun using FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) alongside my OvaCue to help me pinpoint my fertile window, and for now… avoid pregnancy. Becoming familiar with my body and natural cycle gives me confidence that when we are ready to TTC again, we will be able to start ASAP.

We also have both begun use of FertileDetox to help to cleanse our bodies, and optimize our reproductive health and wellness. And for me, use of the PeaPod Prenatal and Pregnancy Plus Omega3s during this time is important to prepare my body nutritionally for another pregnancy.

So, like most of our customers, my daily thoughts are consumed with tracking, charting, and remembering to take my vitamins! I also am making conscious decisions about my health and beauty routines, as many products can be toxic and/or harmful for trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing women. To shop all the best pregnancy skin care lines, visit our sister store at:

Taking proactive steps now to optimize our fertility and wellness, as well as accurately tracking ovulation, will help us take the guesswork out of conception. So, when we are ready… we will be ready :)

One Small Step...

January 27, 2016

Ms. P has been thinking about walking for months now. Pulling herself up and walking along the furniture. We have been waiting for weeks; excitedly anticipating that first solo stroll. And for weeks, she made fools out of us, laughing at the sight of us as we scrambled to grab cameras whenever she stood up by herself… just to see her drop back down and crawl over to us.

Friends and family members kept telling us not to worry, and that we would miss the days that she was still somewhat immobile. We though, could not wait! We worked on walking all day, everyday -trying to encourage her, tempt her with toys, or even trick her into taking those first steps. We knew that she could do it…. It was just a matter of getting her to try.

The one thing that finally worked, and it never even crossed my mind, was peer pressure! After having our monthly "Baby Class" get-together, at which all the other kiddos (older and younger than P) were walking, it clicked. That night she was unstoppable! She went from no walking to practically running around the house in a matter of hours.

And now…. we understand what everyone was talking about :)

Click to Play Video

The milk has left the boobs...

December 16, 2015

"Drying up" was by far the worst experience I have had breastfeeding. Since Ms. P self-weaned around 10 months, I thought that weaning my body off pumping would be a breeze. Unfortunately, the opposite occurred, and the process became a painful nightmare!

After Ms. P's first birthday, I decided it was time to cut back on pumping as we began to introduce whole milk into her diet. Over the course of two weeks, I gradually cut back my pumping schedule to just one time per day. After a few days of just one pump session per day, cutting back the pump time each day as well, I thought I had prepared my body properly for a successful transition. Boy was I wrong!

I woke up the next day with painful, swollen breasts and tender, sensitive nipples. Thinking that this was just the "way it goes, " I suffered through a few days. By the third day I couldn't stand to have anything touch my breasts (even clothes), they were just too sore! I headed into the doctor, thinking I had mastitis. She told me to nurse P, and try to relieve the pressure to help ensure that mastitis didn't actually occur.

Easier said than done! Ms. P was not at all interested in nursing...practically throwing a tantrum each time I presented her with my breast. It was traumatic for both of us, she was crying out of frustration and I was crying from pain. I ended up getting a milk blister, and had to self-express milk to find relief.

My new best friend became the Nuzzle.

If you have not heard of this product… it is a lifesaver! This heating/cooling pad is designed to lay over your breasts, so you can be hands free (which all moms know is key) while you care for your breasts. I wore this religiously for about a week, and the warmth helped to soothe the pain and engorgement.

Happy to report that everything is finely back to normal! The one benefit of this experience is that I know have a better understanding of some of the struggles that some new mamas face with breastfeeding. With so much pressure on women about nursing; what to do, what not to do, what is best and what is not… my take away from this is that we as women need to support each other in making the best decision for ourselves and baby. You never know what another person is dealing with, until you walk in their shoes. More empathy, understanding, and support are key!

Breast wishes to you :)

I can't believe a year has gone by already!

November 3, 2015

Everyone tells you that the time flies. . .and I have tried to take advantage of the experiences and appreciate each stage with P, but I sure wasn't ready to say goodbye to the 1st year. So much changed in the last few months. . . it has been a whirlwind!

Once she started to crawl, everything changed. We had to baby proof the house, get used to toys being out and everywhere (all the time!), and prepare our 4 legged kids for the inevitable hair pulling and becoming climbing gyms for P. Personally, I had to come to terms with Ms. P self-weaning and growing independence. My little lady, born at just 5 lbs 13 oz, is becoming a big girl!

She is a good eater, and loves most everything we eat. Her favorites include pasta with meat sauce and rice with beans. She is trying to use her spoon, and drinking from a sippy cup. It is incredible to remember that less than 6 months ago breast milk was her ONLY food source!

She is also becoming more and more coordinated, and loves to give high fives and blow kisses. Because she is getting teeth, she is chewing and teething on almost everything! I have found lots of great teething aids at our sister store: to help us get through this next stage!

PregnancyStore is a great resource for us new moms, and provides helpful and must have new mommy and baby products - all in one place, with customer service to help you decide what you need . . .without ever leaving the house! From our friends at the PregnancyStore, please take advantage of a 10% savings code on all products using the code: BABY.

I wish that I had this incredible resource earlier; it definitely would have made my journey into motherhood a bit easier. Now that I am a year in… I feel like I am starting to get it!

Now if I could only get used to being asked when we are going to have baby #2! :)

There were tears…

September 30, 2015

Even though Ms. P has moved on from the boob, I have been trying my darnedest to keep my production up by diligently using my Nursing Blend, Fenugreek, and pump. I have my heart set on P getting breast milk until she turns one - which occurs in a few short weeks! With that being said, I have started a love/hate relationship with my pump. My manual pump seems to only entice an ounce or so, so I have to cart the motorized pump around wherever I go to get the most from my efforts.

When I remember all the parts and extra bottles, I love it and I successfully pump up to 12 ounces each work day! When I forget them, which is more often than not… it is a whole new story. Because of this, I have come up with very clever ways to "MacGyver" my pump to work without certain parts. One example being, tying Ziploc baggies to the pump with hairbands to collect the milk. This "solution" has worked for me many times, so I had no worries putting the baggies of milk in the office fridge the other day.

But… right as I opened the door, I saw it. My precious milk had spilled everywhere, dripping over the edge of the shelf and throughout the refrigerator. As I exclaimed in peril and tears began to form, a co-worker quickly came to my aid. She helped to wipe up the milk, throw out the "contaminated" items, and wash off the many other items affected by the leak. As grateful as I was for her help, I secretly thought… if she wasn't here, could I have saved any of the milk? Who knows what I would have tried to do in my moment of panic and desperation, so luckily she was there!

I left work empty handed and lesson learned. I have not forgotten bottles since.

Oh the times they are a changing…

August 18, 2015

As World Breastfeeding Week concludes, I fear that my own breastfeeding journey is coming to an end. For as much as I have done my fair share of complaining about breastfeeding, I have been surprised how emotional I am realizing it could be over soon. As my work days get longer, and the milk in my freezer disappears, I am beginning to feel anxious that we will not make it to my goal of 1 year.

I continue to diligently pump at work, and try to bring her to my breast at home before a bottle, but my production continues to be an issue. Ms P is a busy lady these days and sometimes she has no patience to nurse. She would rather be engaged and play, and is showing signs of self weaning. Although this is developmentally a natural progression, it hinders my efforts to keep things flowing!

I have added in the Milkies Fenugreek to my regime of supplements. Adding in this additional boost of Fenugreek along side my Nursing Blend will hopefully give me the boost I need to keep production up for at least a bit longer. Not just for her, but for me too! I need more time to mentally prepare for my baby not to want to snuggle and nurse with me.

Who would have thought that I would be the cry baby in the family?!

Time to get movin'!

July 28, 2015

My little girl is already 9 months old!!! Everyone tells you that the time flies by, but wow- it sure does. It truly is amazing how many things change during this time. Ms.P is growing bigger and stronger, and becoming more and more mobile each day! She loves swimming, and her favorite past time is bouncing in her bouncer chair. Weighing in at a mere 15.5lbs, she burns the calories faster than she can pack on the pounds! Lucky ladyJ

When P was born, I told myself that I would be kind to my body and give myself the 9months it took to gain the almost 45lbs I did, to lose it. Well, 9months is here, and I definitely am not where I thought I would be. I'm suffering from the "postpartum pooch."

And, like most weight loss battles, the responsibility falls entirely on me. Don't get me wrong, as I am eating that -ahem, fourth cookie, I am reassuring myself that it is okay because they are lactation cookies. Seriously, if you don't hear from me again… I may have checked myself into the Betty Crocker clinic!

All kidding aside, I am pledging to all of you that this month is the month that I am going to get my butt in gear. With a birthday around the corner, I am determined to start a new year of life out on the right foot and make exercise and eating better a priority. Thanks to FitPregnancy, here is my new mommy go to workouts.

Between these postpartum workouts (some even with baby) and chasing P around more and more, I hope to kick this pooch in the pooch in no time!

It's time to eat!

June 15, 2015

Transitioning into pureed foods is a big milestone, and Ms. P handled it with flying colors. Me, not so much! Around the 7 month mark, P seemed to need more calories, and wanted to nurse more frequently than ever before. She also was very aware and concentrated at mealtime as she watched us eat. All these signs pointed to the fact that Ms. P was ready to start pureed foods.

I was surprised as to how hard it was for me to make the transition, even though I knew it to be the right move. I wanted to continue to feed P the best, and so I was keen on making my own baby foods. However, I quickly learned that taking time to prepare pureed food is a lot more effort than putting her to breast. Also, trying to schedule solid food time into breastfeeding time, threw our daily schedule off!

After a few weeks of forgetting (and shaming myself) we finally established a great routine that added two food sessions into our typically seven breastfeeding sessions. I also begin to streamline my food preparation process with the use of the Milkies-Food Tray. Having easy to heat, 1 ounce portions of food, allows me to prepare a batch of food (my own food) ahead of time without concern that it will go bad or be contaminated.

The other great thing about using the frozen "foodsicles," is Ms. P's finicky behavior. One day she will love one type of food, and will only eat that type. Then the next day she will refuse to eat it?! Totally common behavior… but boy does that make for a lot of wasted food! Using the foodsicles allowed me to prepare one ounce at a time and gauge her interest, and then heat up more or switch to a different type if need be. Overall saving food, my sanity, and my dogs from getting to many extra treats!

Now if I could only get P to eat without needing a bath afterward… only time will tell :)

MOM upside down spells WOW

June 3, 2015

Like most people, I have been through my fair share of awful colds and flu bugs over the years. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to having a sick baby! My first clue that Ms. P was coming down with something awful occurred the night before. She woke up three times during the course of the night, and was irritable and fussy (Very atypical of her). Not until midday the next day did an actual fever present itself, but when it did… it did with a vengeance!

Ms. P's temperature skyrocketed over 104 degrees. Of course it was a Sunday and my doctor's office was closed, and of course… I panicked! Thankfully, my mom was able to offer some much needed advise and I started a treatment of fever reducing medicine. I tried to cool her with tepid towels, but the poor little lady couldn't get comfortable for more than an hour or so. It was heartbreaking! The physician that I was able to see the next day diagnosed her with an "unexplained fever." What?!

The next few days were a blur of nursing, nestling, napping, and one very unhappy baby. Luckily for me, she was still eating well and I didn't have to worry too much about dehydration. The best way to describe that week can be summed up in two words: sleep deprivation! It felt like we were back to the beginning, and boy had I forgotten how tough those early days were. Five days later, the fever broke and Ms.P finally returned to her ever so happy self. It took my husband and I a few more days to catch back up. Once we recovered, we toasted ourselves that we had made it through!

Even though it was a trying week, and I am sure it will not be the last one like it, it really reminded me how awesome being a mom is. It also reminded me as to how awesome my own mom is! As I grow more and more into my new mommyhood, it definitely makes me so much more appreciative of my own mom. I read this recently, and it definitely sums it up:

To great moms-

May we know them, May we be them, and may we raise them.

Hope you all had a very Happy Mother's Day!

- Tally

Pump it up!

April 28, 2015

We recently took a vacation down to Palm Springs. We travel there to attend the BNP Paribas professional tennis tournament, and historically we would sit and watch daily for up to 10 hours in the searing sun and love every minute of it! Not this year, though. From packing to pumping, every aspect of our annual trip changed to accommodate the littlest lady in our group. As I started vacation planning, I realized that we would need to take a babysitter (Grandma) with us this year to help with Ms.P. Also, our accommodations would need to change too! In the past it had not mattered where we stayed, as we barely spent time there, but this year we would need a place that was comfortable. I scored a great house to rent, which included a pack & play and highchair. Two items, to be honest, that I completely forgot that I would need to take. Two things off the list of many that we would need to take with us for Ms. P's eating, sleeping, and travel comfort. And the packing began!

Two checked bags, a car seat, umbrella stroller, diaper bag, freezer storage bag (filled with enough frozen breastmilk for 2 days- just in case), and a tennis bag later….we boarded the plane! Ms. P flew fine, but I was a mess worrying about all our bags not making it. Once we arrived, I was happy to find all the bags accounted for and the diapers I had shipped ahead of us had arrived. So far, so good.

As I prepared to leave Ms P with Grandma, and head off to tennis with my breast pump in a bag … it occurred to me that I was going to have leave the tennis and sit in the HOT car (95 degrees outside) and pump. Ugh, what a hassle this was going to be! When I told my husband how I was feeling, he gave me the craziest look ever, and said- "Why would you do that? They have to have somewhere in the gardens for you to pump. I will just ask them." And, thankfully, he did!

Although the person he asked had no idea, she was adamant that she would find out. Smiling at me, she told me that her daughter had recently gone through this stage with her little one. Off she went, and in less than 10 minutes she returned with a solution! One that did not involve me trekking out to the car every 2 ½ hours to use the car adapter or sitting in a bathroom. She gave me a pass to the player's first aid room. An air-conditioned room, complete with live streaming matches to view and ice cold Gatorade to drink. It was heaven!

This situation made me realize that, like most nursing moms, I have been conditioned to assume that I will not be accommodated and this "burden" is mine to bear. As I venture out into the world more and more without Ms. P and need to pump, I have gained confidence to ask for some support! So ladies… pump on and prosper☺

- Tally

Friends with benefits…

March 18, 2015

As a new mom, making time for yourself is tough. But making time for your friends… this can seem daunting! Before I became a mom, I will admit that I secretly judged my mommy friends that just "disappeared" from social existence once baby was born. I promised myself that I would not become one of these lost souls when it was my turn. After Ms. P was born I forced myself to get out of the house, and socialize with her and without. Not only has this helped maintain my connections with friends, it also continues to help my mental health!

Being a mom has been the most awesome adventure in my life, but I can also feel secluded. If I am being truthful, it will always be easier to skip out on a gathering with friends than to rally Ms. P and all her stuff. Despite this, I try my best to be strategic and plan outings that work well with her eating/napping schedule. However, I will admit it, there are times when Ms. P isn't being the most cooperative! I would rather risk ridicule and be "that" mom, then risk a meltdown in public.

Thankfully, my friends are supportive and understanding, and range from singles to married with adult children. I also have developed new friendships with the moms and dads in our baby class. Each friendship brings value to my life, and has made me a better mom. With my single friends, I can be my most carefree self and catch up on what is actually hip and cool in pop culture and fashion. With my new mom friends, I can bounce ideas off of them and get feedback as to Ms. P's developmental milestones and behaviors. From my friends with adult children, I can get confirmation and support for the decisions I am making as a parent.

Reaching out, asking questions, and maintaining a sense of self beyond motherhood makes my friends invaluable to me! So for all you other new moms out there, make time to keep the connections alive. Another added benefit to staying socially engaged is that Ms. P is a very happy, social baby. She likes car rides, being around new people, and seems to go with the flow easily. So, although it may be tough to coordinate, and sometimes it just won't work out, you will be happy you did it in the end. For me, the benefits I receive from my friendships have far out weighed any hassles in coordination.

And if that isn't enough to get you out and about…being social will keep you from wearing your stretchy pants every day of the week☺

- Tally

Who needs sleep?

February 24, 2015

The answer to this question has, and always will be… I Do! Since I was a kid, I have always been a good sleeper. Without enough sleep, I turn into a heinous version of myself. I also am a hard sleeper, and once asleep, I don't wake up easily. This is a nuance my husband doesn't appreciate, as he is the one that gets up to let the cat in and out throughout the night. With that said, I was a bit concerned as to how the new mom sleep situation would go.

Once P came home, I made every effort to snuggle her and spend as much skin to skin time with her as physically possible! It is amazing the benefits that this type of kangaroo care has on preemies (and infants in general) for support in nursing, temperature regulation, as well as overall emotional stability for both mom and baby. We stayed most days curled up in bed, snuggled up to each other, focusing primarily on our nursing schedule. I tried to take the advice, "sleep when your baby sleeps", but like most women, found this difficult to maintain. Once P is down for a nap, I can't help but think of a thousand things that need tending to! I would say that without my husband's support, I would have looked and acted like a zombie! I know we were lucky to both have some time off from work once P arrived, and not everyone gets that. If you don't have your partner home that often, I'd recommend you find some additional help! Eating properly, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep can help to keep your milk production up (and your sanity intact!). Some tricks that I learned quickly were to always change P before she ate. Then, if she did nod off, I did not have to wake her up to change her. Also, after changing her, I always make sure that I grab a big glass of H20 and a snack to have next to me while nursing. Again, just in case she took a snooze on me, I had food/drink on hand to replenish my post nursing body. Oh, and I can't forget to mention, I always had my Softies nursing pads near by! I switched this pad from side to side to catch let down and help me remember which side I had nursed from!

When I was first told that forgetting which side you nursed on was a common conundrum for nursing moms, I was in disbelief. How could you forget which side you nursed from? Let me tell you, you do forget… and that is not all you forget! Basic things, like what day of the week it is, begin to fade away too. Once my husband went back to work, this inevitably got worse. Not only did I no longer have the mental support, I also no longer had the extra set of hands.

Slowly but surely, we began to develop a routine for P, following the "Eat, Play, Sleep" method. The idea behind this method is that baby will eat, then be up and active for a while, and then take a nap. This helps to establish that eating does not correlate to sleeping. This in turn, is supposed to help down the road for when nursing and napping becomes less frequent. So far, so good! She seems very content and happy throughout the day. The only revision we have made to this method is at bedtime.

They say that it is important to start to establish a bedtime routine around 2 months. This helps baby to realize what/when bedtime is, and hopefully encourages longer sleep stretches during the nighttime hours. Our routine includes a cluster feeding in the evening, approximately 1 hour after her last scheduled meal of the day. Prior to this feeding, we give her a massage and swaddle her up. She has always loved the swaddle, and now lies there with her arms at her side in anticipation! The swaddle is a great tool for nighttime sleeping, as it helps her to feel secure and helps limits the jerking motions that can startle her awake. We also turn on her sound machine during this last nursing session, and turn of the lights.

When P wakes up for her early morning feeding, we keep her as calm as possible so that she can go right back to sleep after eating. She then falls back to sleep after nursing, and sleeps through the rest of the morning. This routine has worked well for us, and we have been diligent about not messing it up. I found that with P, consistency is key! Not only does it help her get the rest she needs, it allows me to get consistent sleep and plan daily activities better. At least for now, we are all enjoying some good ZZZs! And to my husbands liking, my new mom mind is so finely tuned into P's routine, that I wake up prior to her even making her first peep…. however, I still don't hear the cat!

- Tally

I can cry if I want to!

January 29, 2015

Postpartum emotions can be difficult on their own, and then add in the frustrations/challenges with breastfeeding.... it can be overwhelming! My postpartum situation was unique in a lot of ways since Ms. P needed to stay in the hospital. It was challenging emotionally to not be able to hold her whenever I wanted or take her home from the hospital when I checked out, but there were positives to the situation too. Of course, she was getting the care that she needed, and so was I!

Once P was born, I was overcome with my new "role". Baby's priorities trump any and all previously planned events or routine schedules. Ms. P quickly became the boss, and I realized my new "role" was to ensure her happiness. For us, we had a great team of 'co-workers' helping us. They were trained, rested, and patient with both Ms. P and us. No matter the time, these professionals were kind, supportive, and generous with knowledge and action. A 3 am feeding schedule? No worries! A feeding that took over an hour to complete? No biggie! They were on it!

Subsequently, Ms. P came home on a schedule that was better than a clock. And better than that, she came home to parents that were rested and not still in shock over the wonderment of parenthood. We knew how to change the diapers, and take care of her belly button stump. We knew how to swaddle her like the best of them. And most importantly, I knew how to feed her. I was lucky that my milk came in as well as it did for her being premature, but we still had a bit of struggle in the feeding department. Moving Ms. P over from a feeding tube, to a bottle, then to the breast was quite a process. We took one day at a time, and eventually had to use a nipple shield. A nipple shield is a plastic "shield" that covers your nipple and extends the nipple deeper into your baby's mouth. These shields are used by women that have flat or inverted nipples, or with preemie babies, like in my case. This extension of the nipple helps to stimulate the suck/swallow reflex better for preemies. Once we got the nipple shield going, we were able to nurse much more effectively.

Because Ms. P's weight was a constant concern in the beginning, we did have to bottle feed her "milkshakes". In an effort to up her daily caloric intake, these bottles were a mix of breast milk and formula. Out of the 8 feedings a day, 4 of those were the milkshakes. During those bottle feedings I still had to pump in order to keep my production up, which was annoying to say the least. She continued to gain weight, and luckily for me, easily went from the bottle nipple to the nipple shield without concerns. Even though we were chugging along, I couldn't help but get emotional and frustrated with situation. I had it set in my mind that P would be exclusively breastfed. Unfortunately, it felt like another "failure" in my fragile postpartum emotional state, and some days I couldn't help but cry it out.

Thankfully, I had a great support team around me. My midwife was constantly checking in, and even came out to our house a few times to ensure a positive breastfeeding experience for both baby and me. Without this support, I could have easily gotten fed up or overwhelmed, and thrown in the towel in the first couple of weeks. A decision I know that I would have regretted in hindsight.

While breastfeeding may come easy for some... that is not the case for everyone! I had a team of nurses round the clock for the first 2 weeks, a hospital that provided me with a lactation specialist, and the continued support from my midwife... and some days it was still hard! If you need support, contact: to find a local La Leche League group in your area for assistance.

And, I'm happy to report that Ms. P now exclusively receives breast milk!

So for all of you new moms out there… have patience with yourself during this transition. Take time to process your emotions, and seek help early! Breastfeeding will be a wonderful experience for both you and baby; it sometimes just needs time to click. Breast wishes to you :)

- Tally

Welcoming Ms. Pepper!

January 13, 2015

The best advice I received about pregnancy was… "be prepared to not be prepared!" Even the best "plan" can change at a moments notice, and that was definitely my experience. My 36th week started off with an appointment with my midwife for my Group B Streptococcus (GBS) test. It is estimated that up to 30% of pregnant women have this naturally occurring bacteria in their vagina and while this bacteria is typically harmless for mom, this bacterial infection can be passed to baby during delivery, resulting in serious complications. This is why pregnant women that test positive for Group B strep are routinely given IV antibiotics during labor and delivery. Therefore, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends this screening on all pregnant women between 35-37 weeks. If GBS is detected, mom will be given IV antibiotics during delivery. Thankfully for me, no needles were involved . . . just a simple swab! During my appointment, she also did an exam and discovered that I was dilated to 1 cm. She recommended I discontinue any strenuous physical activity (tennis, etc) and just stick to walking. She said women can be dilated for weeks before delivery, so I wasn't concerned when learning that I was slightly dilated.

The next afternoon I came home from work and bent over to check a leak we had repaired that day on our kitchen sink. The leak was fixed, but the moment I stood up my water broke. Not a trickle but a full gush! Needless to say, I was shocked. I won't lie, a bit of panic set in as I realized that she was on her way! I tried to remain calm, and called the midwife. She informed me that because I was not 37 weeks I would not be able to deliver at the birth center, as planned. Also, because my GBS test results were not back, I would need to have an IV of antibiotics throughout my delivery as a precaution. At this point, I had two options, deliver at home or go to the hospital. I was less than thrilled with either option, and felt my emotions rising. My great plan was unraveling faster than I could keep up! With Pepper's safety in mind, we made the collective decision to go to the hospital.

As we headed into the hospital my mind raced as the reality of the situation began to settle in. I was going to have a baby! Contractions began to increase in length and pain, and I labored throughout the night. I felt grateful for the knowledge I had gleaned from my birth class, and tried to move around and be as active as possible with my IV tower in tow. Things seemed to be progressing well, and I had dilated naturally to 7 cm by 7am. The pain was bearable, and I thought to myself, "I've got this!" My confidence started to diminish as the hours continued to pass without progress, and the pain got stronger and stronger. My husband was a great coach and continued to give me encouragement that I could do it, and do it drug free!

My midwife acted as my doula as well, and was a great advocate for my natural childbirth plan. I was grateful to have her there, because as the hours stretched I did begin to feel pressure from the doctor to speed things along with the use of Pitocin. Also, as the pain began to increase and the contractions got closer and closer, the possibility of pain relief started to become very appealing. The midwife respectfully reminded me that 'we' were almost there, and recommended that we try the bathtub for natural relief. As a sat in the tub, the feeling of weightlessness was so relaxing and allowed me to transition into "labor land." The time flew by, and I even nodded off a bit. My husband called in his pinch hitter, my mom, to relieve him so he could take a nap. It had already been over 30 hours since we had slept. At the 24 hour mark of labor, I had another check, and I was finally at a 10. Let the pushing begin!!

Honestly, I was ecstatic to push. Finally, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. As my 'team' (my delivery doctor, my nurse, a NICU nurse, my midwife, my mom, and my husband) gathered around my vagina, I almost laughed out loud remembering that the plan had been for it to just to be my midwife and husband in the room. I was so eager to push that my "team" had to remind me to breathe, and use the contractions to help me bear down. It felt so good to push through the pain! After only 18 minutes, Ms. Pepper joined us : October 1, 2014 at 5lbs 13 ounces, and 19 ½ inches long. As they laid her on my belly, time seemed to just stop. It was the not only the most incredible moment of my life, but also the most rewarding. I was so proud of my body! Luckily for us, we were at the hospital. Before I could even catch my breath, they were cutting the cord and the nurse was taking Pepper away. She was not breathing properly, and the NICU nurse (required at all pre-term deliveries) swooped in and got to work. Pepper was taken over to the NICU, and remained there for 12 days. She had a lung infection and was in an incubator for 7 of those days, and then the remaining time we had to focus on feeding, weight control, and temperature regulation. She was a trooper! Thankfully, I was able to pump and provide breast milk for her the entire time. I was so grateful for the Nursing Blend supplement and Nursing Time Tea during these first couple of weeks to help encourage my production, and I still use it to this day! Our postpartum spray, Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray, was also a must have in my hospital bag. As I was healing, it was so nice to have for 'maintenance' during the long hours spent in the NICU. The size of the spray made it easy to cart along, and provided some much needed relief.

We were blessed that Pepper's stay in the hospital was short lived. Even though it felt like FOREVER, it was nothing compared to the 4 weeks we were told to anticipate. The day we got to bring her home was the second best day of my life, and I spent the next 10 weeks loving on her as much as possible. Now a new chapter begins as I venture back to work, and begin the ever-changing balancing act of being a working mom!

- Tally

To eat or not to eat… that is the question!

October 9, 2014

Now that the birth plan is complete, the post-partum plan is the focus. One significant question that remains is… eating or encapsulation of the placenta, also known as placentophagy. For those of you that are unaware, the practice of consuming ones' placenta dates back centuries, but has recently begun to regain popularity. The idea being that consumption of this organ helps to restore nutrients to the body, as well as hormones, which can help to aid in post-partum health and mental wellness. Unfortunately, there is no medical basis behind these claims, so women should do their own research to decide how they want to proceed. Here's the research I discovered as I navigated this path of post partum planning.

One argument for the pro–placentophagy side is that humans are the only land dwelling mammals that do not abide by this practice post-partum. I personally think that animals and humans are very different in their rituals and instincts. Although, women do tend to revert back to more animalistic instincts during labor, i.e. - wanting den like birthing areas, and grunting or deep rhythmic breathing during delivery, we do not have the same environmental factors to compete with. It is completely understandable that the consumption of the placenta does help the animal to regain strength and replenish nutrients she lost during birth. Animals also eat their placentas to deter predators (as the placenta is a large, bloody organ that may attract others). Obviously, two factors that the human woman does not need to concern herself with after delivery.

Another argument you will see for the pro-placentophagy side is that consumption of the organ will help with depression or mental wellness. Due to the fact that the placenta contains lots of vitamins like iron, B6, B12, as well as estrogen and progesterone, consumption of the organ either in raw, cooked, or encapsulated format does deliver these nutrients to you. Lacking these nutrients, particularly iron, can cause fatigue and increase risk factors for depression. B6 has also proven to play a role in regulating mental processes and mood, and therefore these nutrients are linked to helping with mental wellness after baby arrives. The complex B vitamins also help with postnatal wound treatment. With that being said, you can receive these nutrients without the consumption of the placenta.

Supplements like the Nursing Blend and Nursing Postnatal can provide these vitamin components for you. These postnatal supplements differ from a prenatal vitamin due to the increased levels of B6, B12, and the Vitamin D, specificially to support breastfeeding moms. The main difference between these two supplements is that Nursing Blend also contains herbal ingredients that help to support lactation. In leiu of eating my placenta, I've decided to pick the route of supplementation! Also, I do plan on breastfeeding, so having the lactation support from Nursing Blend will help to get us off to a great start.

For those of you who will proceed with placentophagy, you do need to ensure that you are following safe preparation practices. Because the placenta is delivered after baby, there can be fecal contamination, and you will want to ensure that proper cleaning and handling of the organ is done prior to consumption in any form. You will want to act quickly, and refrigerate the organ when not in use to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to bacteria and pathogens. There are multiple options for preparation including drying the placenta and grinding it into a powder to be consumed, eating it raw, mixing it into a smoothie, or even cooking it into your daily meals as a protein. However you decide to proceed, you do want to ensure that you monitor your mood and reaction with use.

If you are not seeing positive signs of mood elevation or energy support, you should follow up with your care provider. Although "Baby Blues" are a normal occurrence in the majority of new moms, due to the significant hormonal changes occurring, they should be mild and only last up to two weeks. Anxiety, hopelessness, or constant fatigue (that is not helped by rest) that continue beyond this, could be indications that you are experiencing Post Partum Depression. PPD is a serious concern, and your doctor should be made aware of your symptoms to help you through this transition.

Bottom line, whether you practice placentophagy or supplement instead, your post partum health and mental wellness is important to monitor for not only you but also new baby. A healthy, happy mom is a good mom!

- Tally

Get with the plan

September 22, 2014 Happy birthday Fin!

As I have told you, I am a planner. So, the idea of the delivery day's schedule being 100% out of my control is a little daunting to say the least. Therefore, being prepared is the best thing I can do to feel some element of control, no matter what happens. Developing a birth plan is a significant way to achieve this as it provides a written record of your "wishes" and outlines your preferences of care. This plan also provides you and your partner with the ability to get on the same page, and talk through the different options and dynamics of care if things do not happen as planned. I found that the website, The Bump, offered the most comprehensive birth plan guideline to follow.

Running through this worksheet helped us to talk through the "what ifs," and to determine which route we would want to take if a transfer to the hospital became necessary. Because this transfer would be somewhat unexpected, based on my "plan" to give birth naturally at a birth center, it did help to review what options we still had if an epidural or cesarean was required. Also, having these conversations with my husband made him feel empowered to know what options he had to maintain our care plan, in case I was not physically or emotionally able to participate in the care directive.

Here is the link to the worksheet we used.

Once you complete your birth plan, you will want to review it with your midwife or physician. My midwife also wanted me to provide a call list of people who could be "on call" to help out if for some reason my husband needed support. At first, my thought was, "help for him… I am the one doing all the work!" She explained to me that a lot of partners tend to focus 100% on the laboring mom, and forget to take care of themselves, i.e. - not eating, staying hydrated, or resting. They also do not get the benefits of the hormonal rush of endorphins and adrenaline that laboring moms receive to keep their alertness and stamina up. Subsequently, partners can fatigue themselves to the point of not being helpful, or able to take an active role in decision-making. So, having a call list of support staff or "pinch hitters" can be helpful if labor lasts into the 15-30 hour range.

The next step in preparation is packing your bag. Your necessities will vary based on where you are delivering, but I have found that there are definitely some go to items that should be brought along no matter what. Most importantly, you must have your car seat in the car and ready. If not, baby is not allowed to leave with you. Also, basic toiletries should be a must. For those like me that were born with terrible eyesight, bringing both your eye glasses and contacts along is advised. Also, bringing a tooth brush and toothpaste along, just in case you vomit during labor or transition. Lastly, hair ties or barrettes. Hair in your face during delivery could be the most annoying thing in the world to you, so bring a few! Outside of your other basic toiletries, another must have is icepacks! There are many tips and techniques out there, but the best I have heard is the major absorbent maxi pad, which you can freeze. Then you can use the pad for comfort on your swollen bits, as well as use for blood loss maintenance. I also made sure to include my Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray, as this product provides an easy to use application of herbal extracts and natural remedies to help with quick pain relief and healing of perineal tears, vaginal bruising and swelling, or hemorrhoids. Also, consider a heat pack or tennis balls in case your back is sore from the labor process.

Lastly, remember to bring clothes for yourself, your partner, and new baby. For me, I decided to bring along an outfit that was comfortable to be worn during active labor, but one that I would not be sad to see go - incase it is ruined. I also made sure to bring along a nursing bra, and a set of comfortable (loose fitting) clothes for post delivery. Because I am planning on a water birth, I made sure to include my husband's swim trunks. Just in case he does get in the tub with me during active labor or delivery. Also, just an extra pair of clothes for him in general, if labor does last awhile. And of course, last but certainly not least, an outfit for our new little one to come home with us in!

Another couple of additions to my bag were some essential oils. Lavender is extremely relaxing for me, so I did want to have that scent present during my labor process. I also packed along some Frankincense, which can be added to a warm washcloth and be used to help with perineum support during active labor. I also have lots of snacks packed, including honey sticks. Honey sticks are particularly good to help to provide you with an easy pick me up, if your blood sugar begins to drop. The last thing I am bringing in my bag is my ipod. I will have preloaded both relaxing tunes as well as some more upbeat ones. Depending on how it goes and how I feel, I may favor a relaxing, darker atmosphere with calmer music or I may want to get my Beyonce on and jive this babe out. We shall see!

One other thing to bring along for the car is a trash bag and towel. I added these items per the recommendation of a friend whose water broke in her car on the way to the hospital. Definitely, not a mess you want to have to worry about cleaning up after you get home with baby! So now, I just need to remember to put these things and the bag into the car!

Only 6 weeks to go :)

- Tally

I am losing it…

September 17, 2014

The third trimester is full of new side effects… memory loss/forgetfulness being one of them. Although there is no documented scientific study to link pregnancy and memory loss, the majority of moms-to-be experience it (or at least the ones I know agree!). This side effect has been deemed the 'pregnancy brain,' and can be summed up as a 'fog like' existence. I am sure that the lack of sleep I'm experiencing during this stage of pregnancy isn't helping, but the main culprit appears to be the hormones that are surging, as the end is getting near. I have to admit, although I had heard of 'pregnancy brain', I was skeptical . . . until now. I am a planner, a list maker, and someone who is typically always on time. Or at least I used to be. Case in point, last week.

So to back up a bit, we have a relatively new business phenomenon here in Bellingham… the self-serve frozen yogurt shop - Menchies. I personally am not a dessert destination go-er, but my co-workers had been raving about this place for months. On one particularly warm day, I decided to swing in and give these "can't be beat" yogurts a shot! Better than eating ice cream, right? Well, to sum it up, it is AMAZING and I am now totally addicted!

Now to circle back to my "pregnancy brain," here I am sitting at Menchies (which has become a somewhat daily activity) enjoying my yogurt in the sunshine. It is not until I arrive home that I review the missed calls on my phone and realize that I have completely spaced a doctor's appointment. Not just any doctor's appointment, but one I have been waiting 8 weeks to get in to! I wanted to scream!! This physician is a specialist in dermatology, and skin conditions. Back in February (before I knew I was pregnant), we went to Florida and during our trip I noticed a rash on one part, of one of my legs. I thought nothing to worry about, probably a sun rash, or potential reaction to the sunscreen I was using. This rash did not spread or change, but oddly has lasted up until now. After many attempts at over the counter remedies and at home essential oil remedies, nothing seemed to work. My general physician and midwife have nothing to offer besides it may just be my body's reaction to the pregnancy. Thus, the specialist referral was set in motion.

Luckily, the receptionist was understanding of my "pregnancy brain," being a mom herself, and got me rescheduled … in 2 weeks! So, we will see what comes of this appointment. My gut feeling is that the rash will go away once she is here, but we shall see. I am just glad to at least get through the referral hoops with this year's insurance deductable! So, lesson learned… and I will now be sure to use the reminder function on my phone to help me to remember important dates and meeting times. Since my brainpower is declining, this is another reason why it is super important to be using an Omega3 supplement support. The Pregnancy Plus Omega 3 contains two important fatty acids, pharmaceutical grade EPA and DHA, to support baby and me during pregnancy. These nutrients are helping to not only support baby's cardiac and circulatory systems, but also help with the central nervous system and promote brain development. Post delivery, it is found to enhance infant cognitive function and attention span. It also is known to decrease the odds of premature delivery. Overall, a must use product!

Although the supplement contains premium Icelandic fish oil, from small fish like herring and mackerel to decrease concerns with mercury content, the supplement does not have a fishy aftertaste but rather a natural citrus flavor. This is great news, as the daily dosage is 3 capsules daily and definitely could have been an issue when nausea was a concern already. This supplement can, and should, be used even post delivery to help maintain health and wellness, and continue to provide baby with support through breast milk.

Only 7 more weeks to go… I think :)

- Tally

Sleeping Beauty

September 5, 2014 Go Hawks!

Here we are at 32 weeks, and the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy has ended. Personally, I never felt or experienced this glowing time during the second trimester but I do notice that most things are starting to get harder, and sleeping is #1 on that list. During the third trimester women tend to have shorter periods of deep sleep, and wake up much more often. Some women even experience insomnia, a startling 75%!! I, unfortunately, am a part of that statistic. Between the many nocturnal visits to the bathroom, heartburn, and just a sensation of agitation and the inability to get comfortable, have made restful sleeping a distant memory!

An increase in water is a major culprit. There is a terrible catch 22 occurring with the recommended increase in water intake, to help with constipation and cramping, which turns into increased visits to the bathroom. If you have ever experienced a leg cramp, you know that you will do anything and everything you can to avoid this excruciating pain, including 3-5 visits to the bathroom every night. My first leg cramp occurred around week 28, and it woke me out of a dead sleep (oh, those were the days!). All I could do was shriek in pain while trying to reach for my toes. My poor husband almost had a heart attack, thinking that I was in labor or worse. Once I could catch my breath, I relieved his panic but had to have him help flex my leg to relinquish the tightness. From that night on, he requested that I just yell, "Cramp- left or Cramp-right," so he could help out immediately!

Heartburn is another major factor when it comes to sleepless nights. As much as I try and eat dinner at a reasonable hour, it is hard to limit food as bedtime approaches. Here in the PNW our summers are awesome, and the sun does not typically set until after 9pm. Therefore, dinner does tend to happen later in the evening, as these dog days of summer stretch out. Also, bottom line… I am just hungry! Subsequently, food consumption typically occurs either an hour or so before bed, or about an hour or two after I go to bed. Needless to say, I keep my PregEase close by the bed to help curb my heartburn.

Positioning is another concern as my body grows larger. They say that you should prop your chest up to help with heartburn, but you should also sleep on your side… the left side particularly with a support under belly and between the knees to keep your circulation flowing as best as possible. As you can imagine, easier said than done, and this level of "comfort" requires a lot of support pillows. Our Belly Rest pillow has come in handy, as this pillow is small and adjustable to accommodate the growing belly. It is also a great asset for support because it not only offers support for the belly but also for the back. Unfortunately, you cannot maintain a strict left side only sleeping position due to the pressure on the pelvis, and therefore shifting from side to side is okay. Therefore, the Belly Rest can be used interchangeable for both sides to offer comfort and support. Just anticipate that any time you get up and out of bed, it will probably take you at least 5 minutes to get "comfortable" again once you return to bed.

Unfortunately, the last culprit isn't quite as curable…. Insomnia. They do not know why women tend to experience insomnia in the third trimester, but some research links some new hormonal changes occurring as the reason. The other typically link is just anxiety as d-day approaches. Obviously, there is nothing we can do to prevent the hormonal changes but there are things that can be done to help with anxiety and stress relief. I have started to jot down or talk out scenarios or concerns prior to bed, so that I do not let my mind go crazy as I am trying to settle down for sleep. Sometimes just getting out your fears (as crazy as they may sound) can help to focus you back to reality, and extinguish the angst. I have also begun to use essential oils to help to relax my mind and body for bed. Rubbing some lavender oil on the bottom of my feet really helps! Lavender is a natural relaxation technique, which can even be used on baby once she arrives.

Just 8 weeks to go!

- Tally

Constipation... AKA CONSTANTpation

September 3, 2014

Pregnancy and constipationI really didn't want to ever talk about this... but having a normal bowel movement has become the focus of many of my days lately. They say constipation is a normal part of pregnancy, but I didn't quite realize how much of a daily effect it would have on these 10 months of my life. They say as many as half of pregnant women have concerns with constipation throughout their gestational time. The main reason this becomes an issue during pregnancy is the increase in the hormone progesterone, which in turn relaxes the muscle groups including your digestive tract muscles. Another big reason is the overall "squash" that your digestive tract goes through as baby grows larger and larger. And if that wasn't enough, one more common culprit is iron supplementation, which-ding, ding, ding- I had to begin recently based on my last blood test. So, I am the ideal candidate for issues, and issues I am having!

Luckily this topic was brought up at my most recent baby class, and I have some tips to share with you to hopefully help make your experience better too! Since I found out I was pregnant, I started using Metamucil as a precaution. It is super easy to just drink down a glass of water with a tablespoon or so, and it worked like a charm up until the third trimester started. So, I've had to be a bit more proactive! I try and ensure that I am eating high fiber foods like beans, vegetables and fruits... with the skins on, and whole grains to help my GI tract. Drinking lots of water and eating high water fruits like watermelon can also help! Prune juice is also known to help, but I just could not stomach it. Yuck! If you can add it to a smoothie, it makes a huge difference but definitely maintains a "last resort" move for me.

Another great tip from our class instructor is to smile during a bowel movement. I know, I know... I looked at her like she was crazy too. But it works! Ina May talks about this in her best seller: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, referencing the opening of any sphincter helps to open all of them. So, relax your jaw and smile big! Another great tip she told us was to use a stool while on the toilet. Elevating your feet, helps to elevate pressure on your GI tract, and allows things to, you know... flow. This will also help to alleviate another not so pleasant pregnancy side effect, hemorrhoids. And my personal opinion Healthy Mom Happy Baby DVDis... I will do or try anything to help prevent this nasty unpleasantry!

Last but certainly not least, exercise! So, another great reason to stay motivated to keep moving. Yoga is a great technique to try! I have begun the practice of yoga, and have found our DVD: Healthy Mom, Happy Baby quite useful. I have dabbled in yoga in the past, but have never been a devote follower. This video is only 30 minutes long, so it helps me meet the recommended 30 minutes of exercise daily (from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). The exercises are basic, and the relaxation techniques are great training for now and during delivery. My husband has even joined in! Also, I love being able to pop in the DVD at home. I honestly wish that I had started this earlier in my pregnancy, due to the convenience as well as the benefits I am feeling from stretching my muscles groups. This DVD has made me a believer in the power of the mind and body connection. After use for just a couple of weeks, I now feel comfortable with basic poses, which I hope to use not only during delivery but after too. Just 9 weeks to go!

Getting ready for baby... doggie style

August 22, 2014

As you know, I am currently a mother of 3 four legged kids- 1 cat and 2 dogs. Up until now these guys have been the focus of our attention and lifestyle. Weekends used to include long hikes on local trails, and vacation locations revolved around dog friendly accommodations. Unfortunately for these guys, that has changed quite a bit already. So as d-day (delivery day) approaches, we are starting to think about how we can make this transition as easy as possible on them. I have come to understand that our pets are aware (more so than we think) as to what is going on inside of me. Due to the fact that they are mammals too, they can sense the hormonal changes occurring as I am progressing through pregnancy. With that being said, we have learned some tips that can help them to alleviate a certain level of stress when we bring Ms. Pepper home.

Our first step was to engage them with our niece as early as possible, and as much as possible... under supervision of course! We have been cautious and observant to notice any aggressive behavior towards her. Luckily for us, although they are cautious, they do not seem to mind her at all. If aggressive behavior was noticed, we would need to be firm on this. Any aggressive behavior needs to be scolded immediately and harshly, to reflect the severity of the situation, as even the smallest of dogs or cats can do quite a bit of harm to your brand new infant. Really the only thing that we have noticed is that they have begun to understand that she drops food a lot. So, now they are much more attentive to what she is up to then they were when she was more of a baby.

We have also begun to familiarize them with baby noises and actions to help to reduce anxiety. If you do not have a baby on call, you can begin to use your baby gadgets, like an infant swing or toys, to help to prepare your four legged kids for the new soundtrack of life. Also, we let them sniff the new stuff we are buying for baby (blankets, diapers, and lotions) as this will help them familiarize the smells sooner than later. To further help with this dynamic, we will have someone bring a blanket or article of Ms. Pepper's clothing home, after delivery and before we arrive, to help acclimate our pets to her scent.

Now for the harder stuff...the training and new rule setting, which should begin as soon as possible. The longer you can actively train your pets prior to baby, the better chance you are giving them for success! Like us, you may need to set new boundaries within your home as to where your pets are now allowed. As much as I hate to admit it, we are really bad about allowing our pets to rule the roost. There is no such thing as "off limits" when it comes to our couch or bed currently, but that needs to change based on our plans for parenting. We will be co-sleeping with baby, in a Moses Basket in bed, but still do not want the dogs to be jumping up on the bed without permission. So, the painful task of enforcing this new "off the bed" rule has been hard. The key is to be strict ALL the time, and make sure you are both following the same training. Also, we have had to make some adjustments for the cat, Gus, as he likes to curl up and be anywhere that is cozy. I found a helpful trick online which is to put aluminum foil in the crib and on the changing table. Cats do not like this material, and therefore it is training him that these two locations are no go zones.

We are also trying to prepare our pets for the time constraints we will soon face as a new family. Naturally, we our much busier preparing for baby but I have also not been up for as much "extra" activity as my body gets larger. I know this sounds terrible, but I have learned that it is better for them that this process is gradual versus just cutting them off when baby arrives. Moving more activities over to my husband, like walking the dogs and feeding them, are helping to build a stronger bond between them. This, in turn, should help to redistribute where the attention is likely to come from within the first couple of months with new baby. We also plan to hand new baby over to someone else, when first arriving home from delivery. This will make sure that they do not link our absence directly with baby, which can build resentment or jealousy. I also plan to include them in my postpartum exercise, getting back to daily walks, which will help them to see that they are still important to me!

Also, we have a vet visit scheduled for the end of this month to make sure that they are up to date on all vaccinations. This will, hopefully, alleviate any unnecessary vet visits within the first couple of weeks at home, and ensure that there is no concern with new baby in the home. Last but certainly not least; we are beginning the process of arrangements for our pets when d-day arrives. Luckily for us, we have family nearby, and will be able to leave our pets at home versus boarding them. Because we do not know when this will occur, or for how long we may be gone, we will make sure that we have a couple of back up sitters in the wings too.

Finally, as much anxiety that I personally have about the transition, I keep reminding myself to trust that all will be okay! Although it may take some getting used to, it took my sister's dog 2 months to even look at my niece, our four legged kids will come around eventually. Diesel & Ms. Finley are now the best of friends!

Tally at 28 weeks

Happy Birth Day!

August 13, 2014

Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You! -Dr. Seuss

Tally at 28 weeksI have recently celebrated a milestone birthday, the big 30! Typically, birthdays are not that important to me, but this year it has been really different. Not so much in the "I am getting older" woes way, but more so introspective about what the meaning of the day is. Being pregnant obviously has something to do with this! Thinking about how significant the day of birth really is has sunk in. I took time to talk with my mom, and hear my own birth story. Being the 3rd baby, she was not as nervous or had as much worry as contractions began on August 7th. She took her time to shower and get my older siblings tucked in to bed before packing up her bag and heading to the hospital. I arrived only after 4 hours of labor at 12:04 AM on the 8th. This was a big deal, as the nurse wanted to make my birthday the 7th, and my mom had to insist that I was an 8/8 baby!

Hearing this story, affirmed for me the choice I was making in my natural birth process. The idea that Ms. Pepper will get to be the one making the call on when she decides to greet the world is important to me. I do not want to be in a situation where drugs, doctor's timeframes, or hospital policies dictate our birth plan. Using a midwife, and following the Bradley Method, I will allow her to process through the birth cycle on her own terms. Hopefully, as fast as I did, but if not... That is okay too! I will be taking these next couple of months to prepare my body and mind for this endeavor, and try to be as go with the flow as a type A individual can be.

The anticipated date of delivery is October 27th, which really isn't that far away! We have started our preparation of the nursery, and getting our home ready for baby. Taking time now to de-clutter and organize our spaces to make room for her, will hopefully make life just a bit easier once she arrives. Also, we are starting to collect lots of goodies from friends and family with little ones. This has been awesome because I feel like if we don't make it to the deadline, we will still be prepared. Also, it has made my baby registry so much more fun! Getting to actually choose fun stuff for Ms. Pepper versus the basic things, like a diaper genie, has made this process more enjoyable than I had imagined it could be. I am not a big shopper, and so this aspect of modern gift giving is not so enticing to me. My sister has been very helpful in guiding me as to what is swanky and cool for mom and baby.

Luckily for me, we have one of the most awesome gifts for moms to be, the Milkies Milk Saver! The Milk-Saver is great for the breastfeeding mom that wants to make sure that she is catching as much of that 'liquid gold' as possible! The Milk-Saver is to be worn on the non-nursing side to catch the let down while you are feeding. It can hold as much as 2 ounces of milk, which can then be stored and used for another feeding. As I hope to breastfeed, I know that this will be a great asset to me! Another great tool I have recently become educated on, is called the ItzBeen. This is a computerized unit that will help you track how long it has been (get it) since baby last fed, was changed, or slept. From the moms I know using it, it sounds like a lifesaver!! Especially in the first couple of weeks of life, hours can disappear and it can be difficult to recall baby's schedule accurately. Also, for parents that are co-parenting, this tool is helpful in allowing one to pick up where the other left off, and take care of baby with ease. Definitely added to the list of must haves!

Other than that, I think that we are good to go on the major things... besides the baby. But she will be here before we know it!

Back to school, baby!

August 5, 2014

It's official, the third trimester has begun! It is amazing to think that she will be here with us in a few short months. Even more amazing is the amount of change and growth that is going to happen during this last phase of pregnancy. Ms. Pepper is going through a major growth spurt, adding fat layers, and plumping up in preparation to join us! At this point, all her major organs are functional, and she would survive if born now. With that being said, we want her to stay cozy in there and fully cook until week 40 to be considered full term. When I was recently shopping for some baby clothes, it was absolutely incredible to me how tiny newborn clothes look.... and then I saw the preemie clothes! They are so tiny! I think that I had dolls that were larger in size as a kid! So, it definitely was a good scare tactic to ensure that this last phase of pregnancy I keep up the good work to stay healthy and do my best to be patient, as we get closer to the end. This next couple of weeks are so important for baby's brain and nerve development, and to let her immune system build.

We continue to monitor her at home with the use of our AngelSound Fetal Doppler, and have even been able to share her heartbeat with family and friends, with the use of the recording feature. Check it out:

Click to listen

As she has grown, and her senses become more aware, we can actually notice changes in her heartbeat as we talk to her. It is AMAZING! My husband loves to sing to her, and it really affirms the bond that they are developing when she reacts to hearing his voice. It is said that babies after birth will turn and look to seek out familiar voices to them from being in utero. So chat away... sing and read to baby during this time to help build this connection. It is even said that singing the same song or reading the same book can help to soothe baby during those fussing times after delivery.

We also decided that now was the time to build our education base, to help to prepare us for the big event ahead! Although books and magazines can help in building your knowledge base, nothing beats the hands on learning and engagement of a Childbirth Class. There are quite a few types of classes to choose from, so you do want to do your research to determine what class is the best fit for your birth plan. Some popular choices currently are:

  • Lamaze: the use of simple, natural strategies to use during labor, like rhythmic breathing, hydrotherapy, massage, and positions. This method is used by ¼ of women during labor, and its techniques are often partnered with other birthing methods.

  • Bradley Method: natural childbirth is the goal of this method, so if you are hoping to go the au natural route, this may be the class for you! It is said that 90% of followers of this method do go on to delivering without medication, either in the hospital or outside of it. This method focuses on self-awareness and trusting your body's intuition by using relaxation techniques and partner coaching to ease pain and stress.

  • Alexander: this method targets posture and movement techniques to ease muscle tension with coordinated breathing exercises. The goal of this technique is to strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles prior to delivery to help aid in the birthing process.

  • Hypnobirthing: uses the power of suggestion to help you to relax and let your muscles work to give birth. Affirmations and visualizations are used to guide thoughts to decrease stress and fear.

Through our research, we decided on a local class that was a Bradley Method hybrid. We particular chose the method due to the involvement of your partner as the coach in the birthing and delivery process. I have decided that I want to keep my delivery experience private, so wanting to limit the amount of people in the room to myself, my husband, and our midwife and her assistant. So, my husband being knowledgeable and able to act as my coach and doula seemed like a perfect fit. This class will also educate both of us on strategies for relaxation and natural pain management, as I do hope to have a natural labor in a birth center. Our class will run for the next 10 weeks, and will hopefully bring us right up to full term, with a couple of weeks to spare!

- Tally

Green... with envy!

August 4, 2014 Tally and TJ

As you may recall, I am not a fan of needles. In fact, I am terrified of needles. So, this week was a big week for me, preparing myself for the Glucose Screening Test. This blood draw is to determine if gestational diabetes is a concern as you move into the third trimester. Unfortunately, gestational diabetes can affect any woman during pregnancy, no matter your health and wellness parameters, or your family history. In layman's terms, your body simply stops processing sugar correctly, causing baby to plump up significantly. This is in turn can cause concerns for baby's health and wellness in utero, as well as complications during delivery. Therefore, this test is recommended to all pregnant women by week 28.

My midwife offered me some tips to help to optimize my chances of passing the test, which I will pass along to you! Make sure that you do limit your carbohydrates up to 24-36 hours prior to testing. This not only includes breads and pastas but also fruits and dessert. Pretty much... you are on a 36 hour diet, and salad is your new best friend. The morning of, approximately 2 hours prior to the test, you want to eat a meal of protein rich foods. Eggs are best. You also want to ensure that you are fully hydrated, so may be best to skip the coffee too! You then must drink an awful beverage approximately 30 minutes prior to the blood draw to help to establish your levels. Although this drink tastes crummy, most of us probably drank worse in our college years! So, just plug your nose and gulp it down. Then comes the needles... this test does require quite a bit of blood collection, so try and bring a snack along to replenish you post draw. Hopefully, the results come back A-OK, because if not, the next step is a 3 hour test, which includes multiple blood draws and is done at the lab. Obviously... not anyone's idea of a good time, and my idea of a living nightmare!

Most women can manage gestational diabetes through lifestyle changes but some women do require medical intervention, and must begin use of insulin. Eating a well-planned diet is key, and you never want to skip meals, especially breakfast. Avoiding high sugar items is also important, and it good practice to start limiting these and establishing healthy eating routines for not just yourself but also your growing family. Maintaining your exercise routine is also going to help to keep your glucose levels in check, as little as 30 minutes a day can do the trick! If these solutions do not help, then your provider will support you with the best course of treatment to balance your levels appropriately. One positive though, typically gestational diabetes does not remain an issue after delivery of baby. Luckily for me, my test came back 'good to go!'. One thing that did pop up on my blood panel was that I am iron deficient, and now considered anemic. My iron levels have dropped significantly since the last draw, which is not atypical due to the increase in blood surging through my body, over 50% more than usual! Although our Pregnancy Plus Prenatal does offer iron support, you may need to supplement additional iron if you do become anemic. The typical recommendation is 30mg, but you will just want to touch base with your provider prior to use. It is also recommended to add in more red meat, and leafy greens- like spinach and kale. I am not someone who typically eats a lot of red meat, growing up in the Midwest I feel that I have had my fill! I definitely have not been eating it while pregnant because it has to be cooked to well done to be 100% safe for baby. Not my idea of a yummy steak, so I definitely need to make some changes to help to naturally boost my iron levels up! Going into the delivery room with anemia can cause concern if excessive bleeding occurs, due to your body's depleted reserves of hemoglobin. It will make recovery post delivery harder too! I looked into juicing, but have found my local Trader Joe's cold pressed juice to be the most convenient and bearable. Look for the GREEN one, as it packs over a pound of spinach and 17 leaves of kale per serving! Also, can't beat the price... so for now it is a good solution. We will do another blood draw closer to 34 weeks, to see if my levels are up, but in the meantime I will also experiment with new recipes including these leafy greens. If I stumble across something fabulous, I will be sure to share!

- Tally

Burning Up... from the inside out!

July 24, 2014
Tally at 24 weeks

Wowza! We are experiencing a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. Temperatures are climbing into the mid 80s, which I know is nothing to most of the country, but for us it is HOT! Most homes and businesses here don't even have air conditioning due to our typically mild climate. Luckily, here at Fairhaven Health we do! I have to say, I'm even more excited for the workweek, just to come and sit in air conditioning! On the home front, we do not. Thankfully, we had the foresight to put ceiling fans in the bedrooms during our renovation last year. I can't tell you how many days in the last week, I have laid stark naked in bed with the fan blowing at full speed on me, just to be comfortable enough to sleep. I am also grateful for my sister's in-laws who live on a lake here in Bellingham, and have graciously opened up their home to me. Floating in the water is like being in heaven! The coolness and weightlessness feels absolutely amazing, and until the forecast shows a change, I don't imagine a better way to spend my afternoons. Spending so much time in the sun though, I have made sure to protect my skin, especially my face! I do not want to get the dreaded "pregnancy mask", the darkening of skin around your eyes, known as Chloasma. Wearing large shades and a hat, with my SPF 50 has so far prevented this from occurring.

Unfortunately, my troubles with heat have not been limited to the outdoor temperature. Ms. Pepper is already living up to her name, and creates a little inferno inside of me! As she grows, she is compressing my internal organs, and I have begun to feel the not so pleasant symptoms of heartburn. I have that awful feeling of burning in my chest after eating and sometimes even results in vomiting. As someone who loves spicy foods, I have made the heartbreaking sacrifice of removing spice from my diet, and will hopefully find some relief. I have also started eating smaller meals throughout the day, and limiting my water intake when eating as to not overload my stomach capacity. Unfortunately, these symptoms plague me no matter what I seem to do. I have started use of my PregEase again, which tends to offer me short-term comfort, and has definitely curbed the vomiting.


One of the worst side effects with heartburn is the change I have had to make in my sleeping position. I had finally adjusted to my new side sleeping, but now I have to wedge myself more upright to keep the inferno at bay. As you can imagine, this and the temperature in my room, has made good sleep almost impossible. Which inevitably effects my mood... making my overall demeanor much more unpleasant than I would like. Note to all - do not tell a pregnant woman that she looks tired, or that the lack of sleep she is getting will prepare her for her new life as a mom. We do not want to hear it, and you may be in for a backlash! Maybe it's not warranted.... . but either way, I blame it on my exhaustion and inability to control my hormones. Is anyone else with me there?

Things that would have rolled off of me 6 months ago, now seem to fester and my emotional reactions are far more explosive than anticipated. I have always prided myself on being a fairly levelheaded individual, but I fear those days are over. Case in point.... let me tell you about a recent incident with a watermelon. Yes, a watermelon! I was craving watermelon, so I went to a local store to purchase one. After getting home and slicing it open with the eagerness of a kid in a candy store, my heart sank as I found the inside to be completely bad. I broke down into tears, just like a child. My husband thankfully, with love and understanding, said that he would go into town and replace the melon. Unfortunately for both of us, the melon that was replaced by the store was also bad. Again, my emotions got the best of me, and I fell into a stage of depression... yes, another emotion that maybe wasn't warranted! Luckily, the chase and dream of a Dairy Queen ice cream cake changed my outlook. Much to mine and my upcoming Glucose Screening Tests' dismay, I ate practically the entire thing. Thus is life, right?!

- Tally

Keep it moving, baby!

July 21, 2014
Tally and siblings

Ms. Pepper continues to grow! Her bones are beginning to solidify and the result is that she is leaching the calcium from my bones to meet her needs-and kicking me like crazy! Due to this, my midwife recommended that I increase my daily dosage of the Pregnancy Plus CalMag by an additional capsule. She hopes that this will help to stave off any cramping or charlie horse like pains in my legs, as this is the typical side effect women experience during this stage of pregnancy. Prior to doing this, you will want to touch base with your physician or midwife for feedback, as some women can experience negative side effects, like diarrhea, when adding more Magnesium to their diets. So, always good to double check!

Now that my belly is growing and growing, I have officially moved over to maternity clothes. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find clothes that are not only stylish but also affordable! There are a lot of designer maternity lines, that of course have beautiful options, but my lifestyle and my pocket book don't really coincide with the designer options available. Being over half way through, I hope to only be wearing the clothes for another couple of months. Our large retail stores here in Bellingham don't offer maternity sections, except the newly opened H&M! I am going to give them a plug here, because the clothes and price point cannot be beat. They are chic and most importantly comfortable, and it is nice to feel 'good' again getting ready in the morning. If you do not have an H&M in your area, they do offer online shopping too! The only items that H&M did not offer were workout clothes. I, luckily, work in a causal work environment where we are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes. Most days a group of us do try and get out and exercise during our breaks. We are within walking distance to a great running trail and tennis club, which are two of my favorite past times! I have found Target to be the best resource for stretchy pants, and loose fitting bra tops. As someone who started this path to motherhood in the A cup category, the new revelation of boobs has definitely thrown me for a loop. I never had to really worry about "support," but now keeping the girls in place during a workout is essential!

Deer family

Throughout my pregnancy, I have tried my best to maintain a fitness routine, whether that be walking/running for an hour, hiking with my dogs, playing tennis, or taking a fitness class. My goal being to maintain a good level of endurance, which I have heard is the greatest asset you can bring into the delivery room. Obviously, keeping up the cardio also helps to keep the extra cravings and the "what the heck, I'm pregnant" gorges in check. My family recently went on our annual reunion, and we are a very active bunch! Most days started with a hiking or kayaking, followed by some mid-day tennis, and then a swim to follow. Although I was very grateful for the motivation to keep me moving, I did have to play the "I am pregnant, give me a break" card more than once. Luckily, my sister has been there, and could sympathize with my napping and wuss-like behavior! I have been diligent about listening to my body, which I feel is so important. Some days, like today, I have every intention of exercising but my body just tells me "no." Taking time to relax and unwind, I have found, is just as important to both my physical and mental wellbeing.

Also, during exercise, knowing my limits and scaling back my "usual" performance levels to accommodate my changing body has become essential. Getting used to my belly, and how it affects my balance, has been the hardest. As an adult you don't really think about falling down... yes, it happens occasionally but the repercussions are not as extreme as they can be when you are pregnant. On a hike recently, I misstepped...... the non-pregnant me would have recovered fine, but the pregnant me felt completely out of control of my body, and took a tumble. We were both just fine, but it was definitely a wake up call. So, although I do encourage all of my fellow pregsters to keep up the activity, I do caution you to take care with your level of activity and to understand your "normal" is now completely different.

The one exercise to increase without inhibition is the Kegal exercise! The more the merrier is what I have been told by my midwife and friends that are moms. The Kegal exercise will help to strengthen your vaginal muscles, which will come in handy throughout the delivery, but also will help to make recovery much easier. Luckily, this is an exercise that can be done throughout the day, anytime and anywhere. Reminders are great... I have a note in my car, to help me to utilize my commute for some good exercising! We all need motivation and reminders no matter how fit or out of shape you are, because exercise is work. The best quote I have heard is: "The worst workout you can have, is the one you don't do!" So, keep up the activity ladies... your hubs, baby, and of course YOU, will thank you later!

Baby Kicks

July 9, 2014 Tally at 20 weeks

Every mom is different in their process of bonding with baby. Some 'moms to be', like me, really want to know the sex to help bridge a connection to baby as they grow. Up until now, I really felt no emotional connection to the little person growing inside of me. I had not felt any movement, and so far had just been sick and tired all the time. I began referring to baby as the "Succubus," as this little life had completely transformed mine, and was causing me a bit of an emotional and physical upheaval. My sister told me not to worry, once you feel baby move, it will begin to feel real. I sure hoped she was right! My body started to change quite a bit in the next couple of weeks. I began to experience the sharp and highly uncomfortable pains from the round ligament stretching. At first I thought these were early contractions due to the amount of pain associated with them. Wowza... did they take my breath away, and some even took me to my knees. I am not afraid to admit that I definitely began to have some doubts about my au natural birth plan due to the pain. Luckily, they were short lived. However, with the frequency of the pain I was experiencing and the fact that I had not felt baby move, my midwife thought we should get in for an ultrasound sooner than later – just to be sure. I couldn't agree more... and I was hoping that seeing her would help me to bond more. For some reason, it felt weird to name baby before seeing her, so she remained the 'Succubus' much to my husband's dismay.

I went into the ultrasound with butterflies of excitement and anxiety, partly due to the fact that I was about to pee my pants. To get a good look at your cervix, they ask that you come in with a full bladder. What they don't anticipate is the wait time most of us experience at the doctor's office. I was about to burst! Luckily, my technician was pregnant and understanding of my pain. She took the pictures she needed, and let me use the bathroom, so we could actually enjoy the rest of the appointment. My physical relief was matched with emotional relief when we got to see our baby girl in front of us. Granted, we still needed a bit of direction from our tech as to what we were actually seeing... is that her butt?... 'No, that is her face!' You know, the usual questions! Much to my surprise, my placenta was actually located on my backside vs. the front, which was a possible suggestion as to why I hadn't felt her yet. The frontal location of the placenta would be absorbing the kicks and movements she was making, so it was awesome and reassuring to see how much she was moving around, and that she was healthy and strong.

Pepper Lyn

Once we got to see our little girl, my husband insisted that we determine a name for her as soon as possible. He feared that she would soon begin to hear us talking about her, and us calling her the 'Succubus.' Luckily for us, the path to a name was not too challenging for us because we knew that we wanted to use family names from both sides. So, I am pleased to announce, Ms. Pepper Lynn to the world.

A few days after the appointment, my pains stopped, and I literally woke up one morning to a baby belly. It was official... I had popped! I had moved out of the "you look different" questions, to the "wow, you are pregnant" exclamations. I have begun to religiously use of my DreamBelly Butter and DreamBelly Cream, as well as increase my water intake significantly, to help to stave off stretch marks. Fingers crossed! My midwife informed me that my abdominal muscles had finally torn, and that Pepper's growth would be much more visible from here on out. My morning sickness has also subsided, and I am starting to feel less like a zombie. I have not felt the energy that you read about, and some 'moms to be' rave about, but my life definitely changed the day I felt her move. It was an incredible feeling, almost breathtaking. She gave me a good hard punch during a massage, I think to tell me, "Ok mom, I know this is relaxing and all, laying on your stomach, but you are crushing me!" No more laying on the stomach for me. Feeling her inside of me did solidify a bond, and now I find myself talking to her all the time. My husband was a little jealous, I think, until he was able to feel her move on Father's Day. Thank goodness Pepper remembered to get him something! Not only has this deepened his connection with her, it has brought the two of us even closer, as we bond over her and our future family.

I hope you had a happy 4th!

- Tally

Getting to Know Me...

July 1, 2014 Tally's BFP

Hello all! I would like to welcome you all on my journey to motherhood. To give you some background about myself, I will start from the beginning. My name is Tally, and I am currently a mom to a family of four-legged kids - our dogs, Rebel & Cosmo and our cat-dog, Gus (he thinks he is a dog). Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am an outdoor enthusiast as well as a DIY diva. I starting working at Fairhaven Health in 2011. The company's products and mission, as you may know, are to support women from preconception through nursing, and boy did I learn a lot about myself and my cycles while working here! I was dating my current husband when I began work here, and we were using hormonal birth control. The knowledge that I gleaned from my work here empowered me to take charge of my own fertility, and for us, natural family planning into my own hands. By using the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, I was able to accurately pinpoint my ovulation naturally, and take steps to avoid pregnancy. Once we were ready to begin this journey into parenthood, I then adjusted use of the unit and utilized the OvaCue with the goal of pregnancy. Being in an industry where I speak and interact with clients daily that are struggling to achieve pregnancy, the OvaCue definitely made me feel confident in my ability to monitor my cycles accurately as we began our TTC efforts.

Another great perk of the job is all the great supplements that we offer! I began use of our Pregnancy Plus Prenatal, Omega 3s, and Cal-Mag supplements from the get go, and I'm still taking them. These general health and wellness supplements are invaluable for women in their maternal years! Even though I pride myself in living a healthy and active lifestyle, our diets do not provide us with all the vitamin support necessary to live our best life. These particular wellness support supplements ensure that we are getting proper support, and the use of a prenatal is recommend to women 6 months prior to actively trying to conceive. Having the supplements in my system helped me to transition easily into using them during pregnancy when we received our BFP in February! The only additional supplement I needed to add was Vitamin D, which I probably should have been using already being that I live in the PNW.

The early phase of my pregnancy was, overall, nothing to write home about. Like most, I did suffer from daily bouts of nausea. I think the term "morning sickness" shouldn't be allowed in pregnancy books and articles, as my nausea lasted all day long. I was able to grin and bare it with the use of our PregEase supplement. Not to say that most of my days, from week 6-16, didn't include at least one dash to the bathroom, or sink, or the trash bag in my car, I hate to complain at all about it. The moment you complain about pregnancy woes... oh my, the stories you hear! I have heard the gambit of feedback, and it makes me so grateful for the little misery I had.

I would say the worst part of my first trimester was how much we, as a couple, struggled with deciding on how we wanted to bring this little person into the world. Doctor or Midwife? Hospital or BirthCenter? Genetic Testing or not? We started at the doctor's office, thinking that my beloved OBGYN of 8 years could help direct me. When I called to make my appointment I was informed that as of January 2014, my doctor would no longer be delivering babies. As you can imagine... this was the last thing that I wanted to hear. The nurse heard the panic in my voice, and quickly informed me of the great new co-op of physicians available to support me. I would meet with each doctor throughout my pregnancy and whomever was on call that day, would be my doctor. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am not overly comfortable with strangers around my lady parts. This seemed like dating, after a break up, and I was just not up for it again. With that chip on my shoulder, we went to our first appointment. In walks the doctor, and I immediately felt panic. He left the room to get the test results, and I immediately turned to my husband and said, "I can't do this! He is younger than me! How many babies could he have delivered?" Obviously, a complete overreaction for a person who has probably a decade of medical experience, and my husband just smiled and said, "Probably not younger, but he could definitely be your same age." Bless his heart! We made it through our appointment, but I still didn't feel good about the "only" option provided.

This is when I looked to the midwife community, and found a perfect fit. This midwife acted as my little sister's doula during the birth of my niece, and I was very impressed by her and her demeanor. Great, problem solved right? Not quite, my husband, liked the idea of having the baby at the hospital for safety reasons (which I respected) but I have always hated hospitals, and that is why the idea of using a midwife/birth center appealed to me to begin with. Hospitals have never been a place of comfort for me, and I feel my anxiety rise just walking through those sliding doors. Also, I am a complete baby when it comes to needles. I know, I know - wait 9 months right? But truthfully, the idea of an epidural scares me more than giving birth. Most definitely, you can have a natural birth in the hospital, like my sister did, but they still require IVs and monitoring and all the stuff that I hate! Luckily, after meeting with our midwife, my husband was completely put at ease as to her skills and ability to help me through the birth process in a safe and monitored environment.

Phew, ok. Midwife, check. BirthCenter, check. But the next biggie on the list... to test or not to test? My husband is older than me, and although I am not quite in the mandatory testing age bracket, research is now linking paternal age to baby's health concerns too! With that being said, the options provided for standard testing, did not appeal to us at all. The risks, not to mention the large needles required, did not offer enough incentive to receive feedback of 1/200 chance. At least not for us. Luckily, our local lab had recently begun offering the new genetic test, Panaroma. This test is simply a blood draw from mom that is then sent down to a company in California where it is processed. In lay person speak, what they do is spin my blood so fast that they can remove my DNA and just look at baby's. Therefore, they can do a complete genetic screen and provide accuracy at 99%. Amazing, huh? The other awesome thing, because they have DNA, you can find out baby's sex earlier than the 20 weeks. So, we are happy to report a healthy baby girl!

Now, to decide the name...

- Tally

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