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Great value and quantity
Tigresssphinx Philadelphia, PA August 27, 2015
I am taking these prenatal to help prepare my body for pregnancy. I am not pregnant at the moment. Overall these are good pills, the dosage of each vitamin supplied is on point, they are good value and the quantity for price is awesome. I will continue to purchase these prenatal vitamins. For every aspect that maybe of concern when it comes to pill taking I will do my best to review to help make decisions easier. For me the pros outweigh the cons and all the cons can be easily remedied. So for me it's a total win. Size: If you are use to taking pills these are great they're not too big and you don't fill them scraping as they go down, but if you have a hard time taking pills these aren't super tiny and you make still have trouble. Smell: While everyone's sense of smell is different and some don't mind the scent, to me they stink nothing too bad but I just don't like the smell. As soon as you open the bottle it smacks you in the face, so open it down low away from your nose and don't inhale while it's open. Taste: The taste isn't bad in the area of flavor when you put your tongue on it, it's pretty neutral, but if you don't like the smell you most like won't like the effect you get when you put it in your mouth. That same smell encases your mouth (causing you to taste what you smell) and lingers a bit after swallowing, but this can be remedied by drinking with juice instead of water,not holding it in you mouth long, have your drink ready and maybe put a bit of liquid in you mouth before the pill and then quickly drink it down. Effect after taking the pill: Take a couple minutes AFTER eating a nice portion of food not on a tiny meal like a piece of fruit and toast and definitely DO NOT take on an empty stomach unless you enjoy being sick. Make sure you have eaten all your food before attempting to swallow this pills. I tried taking it while I was eating and it did not go well. Also I find that if I end up taking this pill later in the day or at night I am still able to sleep. I mention this because when I would take my doctor prescribed prenatal and other multi vitamins later in the day or at night it would keep me awake. And with the cost of one bottle already being great and affordable it gets cheaper per bottle the more you buy so I went ahead and purchased a 6 month supply which means I don't have to worry about running out any time soon and my shipping was free. I will continue purchasing it this way.
I have full confidence in this product
Lucie Brandt Ottawa, Ontario, Canada August 25, 2015
I was so thrilled with my experience of FertilAid and FertileCM that I decided to order this prenatal vitamin, as well as Pregnancy plus Omega-3. It's been a worrisome pregnancy so far. My progesterone levels are lower than is optimal, and I've been told that this puts me at risk of first trimester miscarriage. I trust this company, and I feel that by taking these products, that I am giving my pregnancy the very best. These pills are much smaller and easier to swallow than FertilAid and FertileCM. Thank you, Fairhaven, for listening to the consumer and reducing the size of the pills.


Pregnancy Products

While we're pregnant, more than at any other time, we try to be extra careful about what we put in and on our bodies. After all, the products we use during pregnancy have a direct impact on not only us, but on our unborn babies as well. (expand to see more)

39 ratings
A small, once-daily tablet containing key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants deemed optimal for pregnancy health. Contains no artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives, each 1 bottle is a 2-month supply.
As low as $14.98
Peapod Prenatal
4 ratings
Provides the optimal levels of calcium and magnesium plus Vitamin D3 for trying-to-conceive, pregnant, and nursing women.
As low as $11.98
PeaPod Cal-Mag
20 ratings
An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids designed for trying-to-conceive, pregnant and nursing mothers. Pharmaceutical grade DHA/EPA, small capsule size plus a natural citrus flavor.
As low as $15.98
PregnancyPlus Omega-3
6 ratings
The PeaPod Complete Value Pack offers great convenience and savings with a 2-month supply that provides complete nutritional support.
As low as $64.32
PeaPod Complete Value Pack
A 2-month supply of PeaPod Prenatal and Cal-Mag in a convenient and affordable bundle.
As low as $35.65
PeaPod Prenatal & Cal-Mag Bundle
3 ratings
A 2-month supply of PeaPod Prenatal Vitamins and Omega-3 in a convenient combo pack. Save up to 20% by ordering both products together.
As low as $41.65
PeaPod Prenatal & Omega-3 Bundle
14 ratings
Natural formula to help relieve morning sickness and heartburn. Contains vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients shown to help ease common pregnancy discomforts.
As low as $17.95
PregEase - Morning Sickness Relief
1 rating
BalanceBlend supports hormonal balance and optimal nutrient intake to help make the transition through menopause as smooth and comfortable as possible.
As low as $21.65
13 ratings
Made from wildcrafted, organic herbs that have been used for centuries to relax uterine muscles, strengthen the womb and prepare the body for childbirth.
As low as $14.98
Tea-for-Two Pregnancy Tea
115 ratings
AngelSounds Fetal Doppler includes everything you need to begin listening to your baby's heartbeat right away. You'll also receive two FREE DreamBelly Butter samples!
Was: $32.99On Sale! $29.99
AngelSounds Fetal Doppler
3 ratings
The Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is a small, adjustable maternity support pillow designed to help you sleep better.
Was: $49.95On Sale! $39.95
Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow
20 ratings
Follow your baby's development, predict due dates, and see doctor appointment reminders. This wheel also serves as an ovulation predictor.
Pregnancy Wheel & Ovulation Calendar
64 ratings
DreamBelly Butter stretch mark cream is a natural stretch mark prevention and repair formula designed to soothe, nourish and protect your skin.
Was: $17.95On Sale! $14.95
DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter
12 ratings
Natural ingredients such as aloe, jojoba oil, mango butter and other nutrients help moisturize the skin and prevent stretch marks.
Was: $19.95On Sale! $16.95
DreamBelly Stretch Mark Cream
4 ratings
Protect and nourish your skin throughout your pregnancy with the DreamBelly Value Pack! Save by ordering them bundled together.
Was: $31.90On Sale! $29.95
DreamBelly Value Pack
8 ratings
An all-natural deodorant designed specifically for pregnant women. Contains no harsh chemicals or additives and is fragrance free, ideal for expectant mothers.
Was: $12.95On Sale! $9.95
Pregnancy Deodorant
11 ratings
A gentle prenatal yoga practice designed for all three trimesters of your pregnancy. Created and led by two certified yoga instructors who are also moms: Anna Davis and Lisa Black.
Healthy Mom, Happy Baby - Prenatal Yoga DVD
7 ratings
The BFP Early Pregnancy Test provides you with greater advance notice of pregnancy than other brands, allowing you to receive a positive result as early as 4 days before your missed period.
As low as $1.50
BFP Early Pregnancy Tests (Midstream)
97 ratings
BFP Early Pregnancy Tests provides you with all the features TTC women care about in a pregnancy test: early detection, accuracy, ease of use, and affordability.
As low as $0.50
BFP Early Pregnancy Tests (Strips)
14 ratings
Our BFP Test Strip Little Bundle is designed to provide you with the ovulation and pregnancy tests you need each month at a price that won't break the bank. Includes 15 BFP Ovulation Test Strips and 5 early detection BFP Pregnancy Test Strips.
Was: $15.25On Sale! $13.95
BFP Test Strip Little Bundle
7 ratings
Test often with the BFP Test Strip Big Bundle! Includes 30 BFP Ovulation Test Strips and 10 early-detection BFP Pregnancy Test Strips at a significant discount.
Was: $28.50On Sale! $24.95
BFP Test Strip Big Bundle
3 ratings
Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray provides quick pain relief for postpartum soreness and helps to accelerate the healing process after child birth.
Was: $16.95On Sale! $14.95
Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray
1 rating
Happy Bottom Baby Balm is specially formulated with colloidal oatmeal, cocoa and shea butter, and organic oils to moisturize and soothe your baby's sore skin.
Happy Bottom Baby Balm
Contains everything you need for pregnancy - in one cute little bundle. A perfect gift for pampering your pregnant friends... or yourself!
Pregnancy Bundle
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