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PREGNANCY ARTICLES >> A Helpful Guide for Pregnant Women

Your Pregnancy by Trimester

A pregnancy trimester is one of three, three-month periods in which your pregnancy is divided. Many women do not even know they are pregnant until the second month. Doctors actually do not consider a woman pregnant... Read More>>

Pregnancy Health & Nutrition

Much like when you are trying to conceive, proper nutrition and health are vital parts of a healthy pregnancy. Paying attention to what you eat, vitamin supplementation, and exercise are all facets of proper health... Read More>>

Pregnancy Challenges and Possible Risks

While there is nothing more beautiful than bringing new life into the world, there are some complications and challenges that may arise that are important to be aware of. Many challenges during pregnancy come in the form of common symptoms... Read More>>

Decreasing Damage "Down Under" During Childbirth: Perineal Massage Made Easy

The ancient practice of antenatal perineal massage (APM), which aims to widen and relax a woman's birth canal during her last month of pregnancy with manual massage of the region, has recently been shown to decrease chances of genital damage... Read More>>

Decreasing Damage "Down Under" During Childbirth: Perineal Massage Made Easy: Part 2

In Part 1 of Decreasing Damage "Down Under" During Childbirth: Perineal Massage Made Easy we discussed the anatomy of the birth canal and the strong medical evidence that APM can increase a woman's chances of coming through childbirth... Read More>>


Issues with infertility are more common than most people think. Roughly 15% of couples have difficulty conceiving - you're not alone!


This helpful guide for pregnant women covers pregnancy by trimester, health & nutrition, and pregnancy challenges & risks.


One of the most important decisions you will make in the early days of parenthood is how to feed your newborn.

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