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This is an excellent device for homeuse!
Julia Switzerland November 16, 2015
This is an excellent device for homeuse! I am only unhappy - that I have just now found OvaCue, just by chance, and decided to try it! I have lost my time using other methods, which are very often uncomfortable and not suitable to the real life (e.g the Basal Temperatur Method: you should always sleep at the same time, same long, forget Party weekends, never drink an alkohol, better don't go to the sauna, dont use most of fertility medications, otherwise you cannot use the results of temperature method for ovulation prediction. And nearly all other instruments even less helpful). If somebody searching for good advice - then I would tell you, just don't loose your time, money and good hopes using any other methods and devices! The amount and quality of information that you obtain using your OvaCue is excellent!
Reliable and Easy to Use
M Minnesota November 15, 2015
These strips are so economical, while still being accurate and reliable. They're easy to use and understand the readings, and the individual sealed packets means you can use them when you need them.


Ovulation Prediction

Correctly identifying your peak fertile time of month - those precious few days each cycle when you're able to conceive - is key to becoming pregnant. Fairhaven Health provides trying-to-conceive women with a variety of effective products to help them pinpoint their ovulation date. (expand to see more)

116 ratings
The OvaCue Fertility Monitor consists of a hand-held monitor, an oral sensor, and a vaginal sensor that predicts ovulation easily and accurately without messy urine testing. Over 98% accurate, includes FREE Priority Shipping!
Was: $349.00On Sale! $299.00
OvaCue Fertility Monitor
25 ratings
OvaCue Mobile is an accurate, convenient, and effective fertility monitor that connects directly to your iOS or Android device. Includes FREE Priority Shipping!
OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor
1 rating
The TempCue is a revolutionary new basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer that connects directly to the OvaGraph Fertility Charting App through your smartphone.
TempCue Basal Body Temperature Kit
2 ratings
TempCue is a basal body thermometer that connects directly to your mobile device. Using the mobile adapter that comes with the OvaCue Mobile, the TempCue sensor accurately measures, records, and charts your basal body temperature.
TempCue BBT Temperature (Sensor Only)
The OvaGraph Fertility Charting Mobile App is now available as a free download for your iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) or Android device.
OvaGraph Mobile App
158 ratings
An affordable, high quality saliva-based fertility test that predicts ovulation by detecting the estrogen surge. Convenient, discreet, and easy to use, Fertile Focus is reusable for unlimited testing.
Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope
17 ratings
The ibasal is a computerized digital basal thermometer that helps you maximize your chances of conceiving by accurately measuring your BBT and interpreting this data to produce a fertility prediction in advance of ovulation.
Was: $69.95On Sale! $59.95
iBasal Digital Thermometer
39 ratings
Our BFP Ovulation Test Strips are designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women. They're easy to use, highly accurate, and cost a fraction of what drugstore brands charge.
As low as $0.50
BFP Ovulation Test Strips
3 ratings
The BFP Ovulation Test from Fairhaven Health is the ideal way to pinpoint your ovulation date and optimally time your lovemaking.
As low as $1.50
BFP Ovulation Midstream Test
112 ratings
BFP Early Pregnancy Tests provides you with all the features TTC women care about in a pregnancy test: early detection, accuracy, ease of use, and affordability.
As low as $0.50
BFP Early Pregnancy Tests (Strips)
18 ratings
Our BFP Test Strip Little Bundle is designed to provide you with the ovulation and pregnancy tests you need each month at a price that won't break the bank. Includes 15 BFP Ovulation Test Strips and 5 early detection BFP Pregnancy Test Strips.
Was: $15.25On Sale! $13.95
BFP Test Strip Little Bundle
9 ratings
Test often with the BFP Test Strip Big Bundle! Includes 30 BFP Ovulation Test Strips and 10 early-detection BFP Pregnancy Test Strips at a significant discount.
Was: $28.50On Sale! $24.95
BFP Test Strip Big Bundle
80 ratings
Designed specifically for fertility charting, it provides results to 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit and features convenient memory recall.
Was: $11.95On Sale! $8.95
Digital Basal Thermometer
30 ratings
A mercury free, family-safe thermometer that is ultra-accurate and comes with a 'no-break' holder that magnifies the basal readings.
Mercury-Free Glass Basal Thermometer
21 ratings
Follow your baby's development, predict due dates, and see doctor appointment reminders. This wheel also serves as an ovulation predictor.
Pregnancy Wheel & Ovulation Calendar
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