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Since 2002, Fairhaven Health has been a leading innovator in fertility, preconception, and pregnancy health products - from our pioneering FertilAid supplement line to the once-daily Pregnancy Plus Prenatal or our comprehensive breastfeeding supplement, Nursing Blend. As innovators, we often make the press!

From the launch of our flagship Fertile Focus, Fairhaven Health products have often garnering national media attention. Upon its release, the doctor-approved Fertile Focus was the centerpiece of ABC News' nationally-syndicated Healthwatch and was praised for its accuracy and ease-of-use by several pregnancy and preconception magazines. More recently, a FertilAid for Men double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study has made exciting progress, and press waves, in the arena of male fertility research.

From scientific journals to Pregnancy Magazine's Buyer's Guide, we're in news. To keep up with Fairhaven Health press, click on any of our newsroom items below. Any media inquiries should be directed to

In the News

Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope logo

Fairhaven Health recently partnered with Rosie Pope, trusted pregnancy guru to the stars. Check out her top tips for a healthy pregnancy.

You should also probably check out her blog post about how to master breastfeeding!

Click Here to Read Our Q&A with Rosie Pope

Milkies in Pregnancy & Newborn




Milkies Milk-Saver recently featured in the "what's hot now" section of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine!

Cafe Mom

Milk-Saver named a Top Breastfeeding Must-Have by CafeMom!

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Helen Anderson, Mrs. Oregon 2016 helps moms reach their breastfeeding goals!

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We are excited to share that Milkie's Milk-Saver was recently featured on in a baby product round-up!

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Holistic Primary Care

CoQ10 a Valuable Ally for Male Fertility

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Fox 5 San Diego

Milkies Milk Trays Featured on Fox 5 San Diego.

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Check out FitBump's interview with Toni Weschler, author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

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Baby Guy Box

Milkies products featured on TheBabyGuyNYC.

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U.S. News & World Report

Our own nutritionist Suzanne Munson featured in U.S. News & World Report

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Wall Street Journal

Fertile Focus featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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Q&A with Helen Anderson, RN - Pregnancy & Newborn May 2016


Breastfeeding Q&A with Helen Anderson, MSN, BSN, RN, CLE founder of Milkies and chief lactation officer at Fairhaven Health in May 2016 issue of Pregnancy and Newborn.

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Breast Milk Storage 101 by Helen Anderson, MSN, BSN, RN, CLE


Check out this Breast Milk Storage 101 article by Helen Anderson, MSN, BSN, RN, CLE founder of Milkies and chief lactation officer at Fairhaven Health.

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Milk Saver and Milk Trays featured in City Parent Magazine

Milkies products featured in Fall 2015 issue of City Parent.

City Parent Magazine

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Milk Saver featured in Parenting OC Magazine

Milkies Milk-Saver featured in August 2015 issue of Parenting OC.

Parenting OC Magazine

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Milk Saver Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Milkies Milk-Saver featured in August 2015 issue of Pregnancy & Newborn.

Fairhaven Health featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

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Fairhaven Health featured in Natural Practitioner Magazine

Fairhaven Health featured in May 2015 issue of Natural Practitioner Magazine.

Fairhaven Health featured in Natural Practitioner Magazine

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Green Scene Awards

Green Scene Mom recognizes Milkies Milk-Saver as one of their top products of 2014!

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Dr. Amos Grunebaum in the news


Dr. Amos Grunebaum was recently featured in a Holistic Primary Care Magazine article about environmental toxins and reproductive health.

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Sew Sweet Baby's ibasal review Fairhaven Health was recently featured on the Daily Mom. Pop on over to the blog for an exclusive coupon code!

Fairhaven Health products make their way to the primetime shelves...

Milkies products featured on Indy Style Milkies Products featured on Indy Style!
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Milk-Saver in the news The Milk-Saver was a hit for Earth Day 2015!
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Milk-Saver in the news Check out the Milk-Saver on Great Day St. Louis!
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Milk-Saver in the news Our Milkies Milk-Saver was featured on a reality TV show! We heard through the grapevine it was featured and we're thrilled that more and more local baby boutiques are carrying our Milkies line!
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Nursing Blend in the news Nursing Blend was recently featured on The Daily Buzz with Laura Dellutri, a savvy mom, cook, author, spokesperson and "Home & Life Style Expert". She is an author of three books, and a frequent national magazine contributor and columnist.
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Rosie on The Morning Blend Rosie Pope talks to KTNV t.v. in Las Vegas about motherhood and infertility (and gives props to Fairhaven Health products!)

Fertilaid on Fox In a recent FOX News segment, FertilAid for Men was featured in a story on natural fertility cures. In this clip you hear from a couple who after years of trying found success once they started using FertilAid for Men
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Rosie on Atl&Co Rosie Pope talks to WXIA t.v. in Atlanta about motherhood and infertility (and gives props to Fairhaven Health products!)

Rosie on WNBC Rosie Pope talks to WNBC t.v. about motherhood and infertility (and gives props to Fairhaven Health products!)

Rosie on WNBC Rosie Pope talks to WTSP t.v. about motherhood and infertility (and gives props to Fairhaven Health products!)

Fox News Fertility Tips Dr. Amos Grunebaum and Fairhaven Health mentioned in a recent story on infertility.
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American Baby Cover See DreamBelly Butter as recently featured in American Baby Magazine!

Best for Babes

Fairhaven Health was honored to be a sponsor of the first-ever celebrity event to raise public awareness about the importance of breastfeeding and the benefits of toxin-free living in raising healthy children.

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Improve Fertility Article


Fairhaven Health Featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine
A Guide to Natural Fertility Enhancement
by Chris Meletis, ND

Improve Fertility Article


Fairhaven Featured in Holistic Primary Care Article
Enhancing Nutritional Status to Improve Fertility
by Chris Meletis, ND

American Baby Cover See Nursing Blend featured in the Tips & Trends section of American Baby!

American Baby Cover Fairhaven Health was recently featured in a article about basal body temperature charting, read about it here.

Male Infertility Fairhaven Health featured in ABC News article on male fertility trends

Andrology's FertilAid for Men StudyFertilAid for Men Clinical Study as published in the American Society of Andrology's Annual publication

Male Infertility SpermCheck SpermCheck Fertility featured in an article

Conceive Magazine

Conceive Magazine

Click here to listen to Conceive Magazine's radio interview with Dr. Amos Grunebaum or download the entire interview here.
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Watch ABC’s Healthwatch segment on Fertile-Focus
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Dr. Amos Grunebaum talks about stress and pregnancy

Dr. Amos Grunebuam is featured in a CNN Headline News segment on the impact that stress can have on pregnancy.

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Pregnancy-Plus Shines in ConsumerLabs Report

Tea for Two

Tea for Two Pregnancy Tea was recently featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine.
Los Angeles Times
FertilAid Featured in LA Times

FertileCM Over Guaifenesin to Enhance Cervical Mucus

Fertile-Focus Review on

Tea-for-Two, Pregnancy Plus, and DreamBelly Strechmark cream featured on CBS' Better Mornings

Tea-for-Two, Pregnancy Plus and DreamBelly Stretchmark cream featured on CBS' Better Mornings.

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New Beauty Spring Summer Issue features Dream Belly Stretchmark CreamDreambelly Stretch Mark Cream featured in New Beauty Spring / Summer issue 2009




Interview about FertilAid with Dr. Amos Grunebaum, Achieving Families (PDF)

Conceive Magazine feature for Bend, Breathe, and Conceive Yoga DVD (PDF)

Fairhaven Health featured in Chicago Tribune article on fertility (PDF)

Contributor to: Seasonal Foods That Increase Your Fertility and Contribute to a Healthy Pregnancy

The Daily Parent: 4 Breastfeeding Struggles and Solutions

The Good Men Project: It Takes Two: How to Support Your Wife When Trying to Conceive

All Women Stalk: Seven Tips to Boost Your Chances of Conceiving Naturally

Elephant Journal: Reasons to Pump the Brakes on Conventional Fertility Treatments

BlogHer: Your Mother Had Trouble Conceiving - Does That Mean You Will?

YourTango: 5 Supplements to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

SheKnows: Infertility- Is It Him or Me?

Recent Press Releases

3/14/2016: Fairhaven Health Shows Support for Breastfeeding Moms with the Revolutionary Milkies Breast Pad Ever

2/23/2016: Fairhaven Health Launches FH PRO, a Line of Clinical-Grade Fertility Supplements

1/6/2016: Fairhaven Health Announces New Product to Help Men Preserve Their Fertility

11/19/2015: Fairhaven Health Introduces TempCue Mobile Basal Thermometer to Help Couples Conceive

7/22/2015: Fairhaven Health Announces Partership with Toni Weschler, Author of the Bestselling Book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"

6/8/2015: Fairhaven Health Welcomes New Vice President of Sales, Prepares for ESHRE Annual Meeting

2/25/2015: Fairhaven Health Partners with Breastfeeding App latchME to bring New Mothers Comprehensive Breastfeeding Support at the Touch of a Button

11/12/2014: Fairhaven Health Partners with Florida Mother and Firefighter to Launch Milk Trays, Adding Them to Their Popular Breastfeeing Line, Milkies

11/10/2014: Fairhaven Health Partners with Tuberville to Help Feed Those in Need This Holiday Season

7/1/2014: Fairhaven Health Breastfeeding Products Win 2014 Creative Child and Baby Maternity Awards

5/21/2014: Help Mitigate the Harmful Effects of Environmental Toxins with Fairhaven Health Fertility Supplements

4/22/2014: Fairhaven Health Donates Fertility Products to Support National Infertility Awareness Week, April 20-26, 2014

3/26/2014: Fairhaven Health's Milkies Freeze Wins Prestigious Cribsie Award for Best New Nursing Product of 2013

2/26/2014: Older Women Seeking Fertility Assistance May Benefit from Fairhaven Health's OvaBoost

1/29/2014: STUDY: Fertility Education Still Lacking, Fairhaven Health Helps Support Trying-to-Conceive and Pregnant Women

1/22/2014: Fairhaven Health Partners with TV Personality and Entrepreneur, Rosie Pope, to Promote Pregnancy Wellness

12/17/2013: Fairhaven Health Acquires Milkies Milk-Saver and Milkies Freeze Product Line, Expands Breastfeeding Product Offerings

11/27/2013: Fairhaven Health Announces Sponsorship of the American Pregnancy Association to Promote Reproductive and Pregnancy Wellness

11/19/2013: Fairhaven Health Acquires the BellyRest® Pregnancy Pillow, Expands Pregnancy Support Product Line

10/30/2013: Fairhaven Health's Fertility Charting App, OvaGraph, Now Available for Android Users

10/23/2013: New Studies Linking Environmental Toxins to Infertility Validate Benefits of Fairhaven Health's FertileDetox

10/01/2013: Fairhaven Health Introduces New Products for Postpartum Moms and Their Babies

9/25/2013: Fairhaven Health Provides Natural Alternatives to Conventional Infertility Treatments

8/28/2013: Fairhaven Health's Now Interprets Basal Body Temperature Readings, Confirms Ovulation

7/31/2013: Fairhaven Health Offers Natural Products to Help Normalize Women's Menstrual Cycles, Improve Conception Odds

7/24/2013: Fairhaven Health Donates Products for Nursing Moms in Support of World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, 2013

6/26/2013: Fairhaven Health Introduces New Line of Fertility Supplements for Trying-to-Conceive Couples

6/19/2013: Fairhaven Health's Dr. Amos Grunebaum Says Fertility Awareness Leads to Babies

5/22/2013: Fairhaven Health Launches New PregnancyPlus Natural Deodorant Designed Specifically for Pregnant Women

5/15/2013: Fairhaven Health Partners with Supplement Retailer Hi-Health to Deliver Fertility, Pregnancy, and Nursing Products to Arizona Residents

4/30/2013: Recent Acupuncture for Infertility Study Supports Effectiveness of Fairhaven Health's Fertility Acupressure and Yoga DVDs

4/22/2013: Fairhaven Health Offers Khloe and Lamar Helpful Tips for Achieving Pregnancy Naturally

3/26/2013: Fairhaven Health Releases OvaGraph Fertility Charting App for iPhone and iPad

3/20/2013: Benefits of Fairhaven Health's PregnancyPlus Omega-3 Supported by Recent Study

2/26/2013: Fairhaven Health Introduces the ibasal, the World's Most Intelligent Basal Thermometer for Helping Couples Conceive

1/30/2013: Fairhaven Health Offers a New Product to Support Breastfeeding Moms

1/16/2013: Recent Coenzyme Q10 Study Helps Validate Effectiveness of Fairhaven Health Male Fertility Supplements

12/31/2012: What You Need to Conceive in 2013: Fertility Facts for a New Age

12/5/2012: Fairhaven Health Releases OvaBoost, an Herbal Supplement to Help Improve Egg Quality in Women

11/27/2012: Fairhaven Health Now Carries Luness, a New Product Designed to Promote Menstrual Cycle Regularity in Trying-to-Conceive Women

11/14/2012: Fairhaven Health Introduces PregEase, a Natural Remedy for Morning Sickness and Heartburn

10/30/2012: OvaCue Fertility Monitor vs. Transvaginal Ultrasound: Case Study Demonstrates Accuracy of the OvaCue

10/23/2012: Fairhaven Health Introduces BFP Brand of Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests for Trying-to-Conceive Women

9/28/2012: Fairhaven Health Introduces Products to Help Women Meet Breastfeeding Goals

9/19/2012: Fairhaven Health Affirms Fertility Study Results: Timing a Key Factor in Achieving Pregnancy

8/30/2012: Fairhaven Health Addresses Controversy Over Calcium Supplementation

8/23/2012: Natural Fertility Treatments Gaining in Popularity Expert Weighs in on Alternatives to IVF and other Expensive Treatments

7/10/2012: Environmental Toxins to Blame for Declining Fertility Rates?

8/4/2009: New Supplement for Nursing women

7/28/2012: FertilAid for Men Study Presented at Andrology Annual Meeting

7/10/2009: The Path to Pregnancy and Beyond

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