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EPO to help regulate fertile quality cervical mucus production.

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Evening Primrose Oil for Cervical Mucus Production

Formulated by Dr. Amos Grunebaum, ObGyn, our Evening Primrose Oil is a proprietary blend that includes vitamin E and the antioxidant selenium in addition to the optimal, nutritionally-sound amount of evening primrose oil for trying-to-conceive women. Evening primrose oil provides women with Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid converted in the body to prostaglandins - types of enzymes that have been shown to balance female reproductive hormones and support a wide range of bodily functions, including moisture regulation of mucous membranes.

For trying-to-conceive women, the key benefit of evening primrose oil and GLA is its function in lubricating and maintaining mucus membranes and production, thus helping their bodies naturally regulate the ideal quality of fertile cervical mucus. One of the main features of healthy, abundant cervical mucus during the fertile period before ovulation is its ability to sustain sperm in a healthy medium and to allow sperm to move freely through the "hostile," or pH-challenged, environment of the cervix. During ovulation, healthy fertility relies on the change in texture and increase in amount of a woman's cervical mucus (often referred to as "egg-white" cervical mucus because of its ideally more stretchy and diluted quality).

Evening Primrose Oil should only be taken during the pre-ovulation period of each cycle (from the first day of menstruation until ovulation is assumed or confirmed to have taken place).


Recommended Use: Designed for use in the first half of the monthly cycle up to ovulation. Begin taking on the first day of menstrual bleeding and continue taking 4 capsules daily until you have established ovulation has taken place.

• Each bottle contains 64 capsules, a 1-month supply.

• Helps regulate female hormones to maintain the ideal amounts and consistency of fertile cervical mucus.

• Ensures the correct, doctor-approved source of omega-6 fatty acids and GLA for trying-to-conceive women.

• Each capsule provides 500mg of evening primrose oil, with 5% GLA.

• Safe and all-natural with no allergens or trans-fats.

• Manufactured in the U.S. in a GMP-certified facility; guaranteed quality and potency.

Wondering which supplements can be taken together?
(see our
Fertility Supplement Guide to find out.)

If you are concerned with the quantity or quality of your cervical mucus, we recommend taking FertileCM instead which was formulated for exactly this purpose.

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Supplemental Facts Evening Primrose
By rosie from petaluma on October 7, 2011
Which is better for improving cervical mucus: evening primrose oil or fertilecm?
By Customer Service on October 11, 2011

Both Evening Primrose Oil and FertileCM are effective in improving cervical mucus, and they can even be taken together. Note that EPO is designed to be taken only prior to ovulation, while FertileCM should be taken all cycle long until pregnancy is achieved. Another product that is very helpful for ensuring a healthy environment in which sperm can live and travel is Pre-Seed, a sperm friendly lubricant (

By FRANCHESKA from DOVER,NJ on October 14, 2011
By Customer Service on October 17, 2011

There are 2000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil in the daily allowance, which consists of 4 capsules taken each day. As such, the amount per capsule is 500mg. Note that you can see the entire supplement facts by clicking the "ingredients" tab on this page.

Evening Primrose Oil
4 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
NW Ontario
1 Stars

nothing has happened....yet
September 3, 2014
So far zero changes with this item. Small enough capsules that they are easy to swallow.
small capsules
An additional expense that has yet to produce results.

2 Stars

did nothing
July 16, 2014
Didn't do anything

East Palo Alto Ca
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 2, 2013
What an amazing product! I already produce enough ewcm but with this product I produce a lot more and it's amazing! Love it
Makes you produce enough cm

NEW York
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 26, 2013
Desde el primer da tu notas la diferencia , unque lo tom por 3 mese y no me embarase .

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Heaven send
January 20, 2012
This product is truly amazing...I am only 25 n have been suffering from irregular periods since I was 14 years old... And as of the past two years I have been suffering from dryness, I have been only taking one pill just before bed for the last three days n have seen a major change in my body moisture... God is truly amazing n so is Dr. G ... I hope to become pregnant soon... But until then I am still eternally grateful for the restored hope... Blessings and baby dust to all...
Helped with my dryness..

little rock , AR
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Evening Primrose Oil
February 22, 2011
Well I just ordered the Evening Primrose Oil today. I have been taking the FertileCm since Feb. 16, 2010 and also started taking the Fertility Tea on Feb 22, 2010. I LOVE them both. I have not been taking then very long at all and I have already seen some change. I really liked then both and I have been reading about this Evening Primrose Oil and hoping that it will also help me. :) The only thing that I don't think I will like is having to take the pills 4x a day. That is a lot. But if it works I will try anything. I am praying and hoping it will. I'll post when something good happens!! Good luck to all!!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 19, 2010
Would definitely recommend! Took this with the Little Bundle Starter Pack and we're 9 weeks pregnant!! Got pregnant first time, after we had been trying for about a year! Who knows!! Definitely did not hurt!! I believed it helped!

1 Stars

check the math...
July 19, 2010
I have no idea whether this works or not - but 64 capsules/4 capsules a day is NOT a month's supply....It's 16 days worth..... I'm going to shop around a little more.
Merchant Response:
Please note that Evening Primrose Oil is only to be taken during the 1st half of the cycle (from the 1st day of menstruation until the day of ovulation.) 64 capsules at 4 capsules per day is a one month/cycle supply.

T. Lawrence
5 Stars

May 28, 2010
I took the evening Primrose oil pills for about a month and half. I found out I was with child on Thursday. This is the first time I have every had a positive test! Yeah!!!! I am so excited. This product really works so if you want to have a baby please try them!!!

5 Stars

Prim Rose Oil
April 3, 2010
I love the product It has helped me out alot. I'm not pregnant yet, but I feel much better while trying.

5 Stars

evening primrose oil
November 7, 2009
I was using this product for first 14 days with fertilaid for women and in two weeks I made the pregnancy test: I\'m pregnant!!!!

4 Stars

October 20, 2009
I took this by itself one month with no results but then the next month I added the FertilCM and water intake to 64oz a day and got great results!

5 Stars

evening primrose oil
May 25, 2009
after adding this and the fertile cm to the fertile aid, we discovered we were pregnant after two cycles

5 Stars

This is crazy!
May 13, 2009
I work in healthcare and I know that products usually take a few weeks to start having affect. Having said that, I have only been taking this product for 2 - 3 days now (I am on cycle Day 6 today)... I just noticed Egg white cervical mucus that stretched over 2 inches. I am also using the FertiliTea and have noticed an increase of sensation down there, even initiating sex last night on only 3 hours of sleep. I recommend both products!

Rated 4 based on 14 reviews
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