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Less monthly cramping
Liz Missouri July 26, 2015
I have pcos, insulin resistance and have been infertile and ttc for 5 years. After my first full month on this supplement, here are the benefits I've noticed....less sugar issues, less monthly cramping, better sleep, better digestion. Only one month in, I can't say it has improved my infertility at all. My cycle this month was a bit longer than average but not my longest cycle. I did not temp and chart this month so I can't say for sure if I ovulated or not. I didn't feel any progesterone symptoms though... we will see how it goes next month. I'll change my rating to 5 stars if I get a bfp.
Eli's mommy! Oxnard, CA July 21, 2015
My husband and I have been together 10 years, married for 4 this coming November. We never really "tried" having a baby. Up until this past November, we finally talked and decided it was time & we were ready! Now that we were committed on trying to get pregnant,we decided to go to the dr. Everything was great & healthy with the both of us. I'm 29, my husband is 28. We've never had health issues! I never was on birth control and I never really questioned why I never got pregnant before. I guess we weren't doing the BD at the right time.. When I was ovulating. So I decided to buy a fertility monitor. At the same time, I came across fair haven while googling fertility pils. I was skeptical at first but would always get a smile on my face while reading people's reviews on the ones who it did work for and were pregnant. I would always go on the website, read reviews and never order. My husband finally said DO IT! :) I ordered them only for my husband because now that we were actually trying, we seen his "juice" I guess you can say, wasn't so much. His dr never tested his count. So I thought what the heck.. Let's buy these baby's! What do we have to loose. Our package came right away which I was excited about. He began taking them right away. And almost immediately we noticed a difference. I used the fertility monitor along with it for about a month. This was in Janurary. I got my period January 17. The following month, I felt sick, lazy, tired. On February 19, while getting ready for work, I decided what the heck.. Let me take a test. The fertility monitor also tests for pregnancy so I took the test.. Set the monitor on my dresser and continued to get ready. I heard the monitor beep so went back and sure enough. It said PREGNANT! I couldn't believe it!! I began to shake, cry, I was overwhelmed with joy! Just to make sure, I went to a pregnancy clinic that same day and they said I was indeed pregnant! Now I am 7months next week. Our son, Eli, will finally be with us October 30. We are 100% sure it was FairHaven's male fertility starter pack that gave us this pregnancy. My husband and I have noticed a huge difference in his "juice" which has probably trippled! Sometime became a little too much to take in. Haha! Sorry for the TMI! He loves them! Said it gives him energy! Haha! So if you are doing what I did, just reading the reviews and being skeptical... Don't doubt it and order! I'm happy to say that I can finally write a review and tell everyone it worked for me!! (Don't mean to sound like an informercial)


Combo Value Packs

Actually having a baby is expensive enough - you don't want to break the bank while you're trying to conceive. At Fairhaven Health, we understand the importance of convenience and economy. (expand to see more)

187 ratings
A one-month supply of FertilAid for Women and FertileCM in a convenient combo pack. Save up to 15% by ordering both products together.
As low as $43.32
Little Bundle for Her Starter Pack
22 ratings
A comprehensive package for women wanting to optimize their chances of conceiving. Save up to 15% off the regular price if purchased separately.
As low as $87.99
Little Bundle for Her Complete Kit
34 ratings
The TTC Boost Bundle for Her includes FertilAid for Women, OvaBoost, and FertileCM to encourage hormonal balance, cycle regularity, and to promote fertile-quality cervical mucus.
As low as $68.99
TTC Boost Bundle for Her
7 ratings
The Ovarian Health Bundle offers a convenient and affordable way to get all of the egg-quality boosting benefits of OvaBoost along with an additional 2 grams of Myo-Inositol per day.
As low as $43.32
Ovarian Health Bundle
75 ratings
A one-month supply of FertilAid for Men, Countboost, and MotilityBoost in one package. Save up to 15% by ordering them bundled together.
As low as $59.99
Male Fertility Supplement Starter Pack
Everything he needs in one convenient package! Includes a one-month supply of our most popular supplements plus the SpermCheck Male Fertility Test. Save up to 15% by ordering them bundled together.
As low as $138.32
Male Fertility Complete Kit
6 ratings
Our most essential fertility supplements for men and women. Save up to 15% off the regular price if purchased separately.
As low as $158.65
Little Bundle for Couples
1 rating
A complete bundle of all our most popular products! Save up to 15% by ordering them bundled together.
Was: $588.95On Sale! $529.95
Get Us Pregnant Now Bundle for Couples
14 ratings
Our BFP Test Strip Little Bundle is designed to provide you with the ovulation and pregnancy tests you need each month at a price that won't break the bank. Includes 15 BFP Ovulation Test Strips and 5 early detection BFP Pregnancy Test Strips.
Was: $18.55On Sale! $16.95
BFP Test Strip Little Bundle
7 ratings
Test often with the BFP Test Strip Big Bundle! Includes 30 BFP Ovulation Test Strips and 10 early-detection BFP Pregnancy Test Strips at a significant discount.
Was: $36.20On Sale! $32.50
BFP Test Strip Big Bundle
Our BFP Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests bundled together in a convenient, money-saving combo pack. The Combo Pack includes 15 ovulation tests and 5 pregnancy tests.
As low as $28.84
BFP Midstream Test Little Bundle
Contains everything you need for pregnancy - in one cute little bundle. A perfect gift for pampering your pregnant friends... or yourself!
Pregnancy Bundle
Everything a breastfeeding mother needs to help ensure nursing success - in one cute little bundle (baby not included). The perfect baby shower gift!
Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle
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