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Best pregnancy pillow out there!
Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow Olympia, WA April 10, 2015
I tried several pregnancy pillows and they all took up so much room in the bed and were one size fits all...this one is adjustable so it is comfortable throughout pregnancy. Essential pregnancy item!

The small, adjustable, and supremely comfortable pregnancy pillow.

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BellyRest - Helping Uncomfortable Pregnant Women Get More Sleep

It's no secret that getting a comfortable night's sleep when you're pregnant can be a challenge. It usually involves an intricate arrangement of several pillows of various shapes and sizes propped here and there. And while you may eventually manage to configure yourself in a way that allows you to begin sleeping comfortably, something - or someone - inevitably shifts out of position in the night and the process begins again…

The Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is a small, adjustable maternity support pillow designed by a pregnant woman to address this very issue. The two small pillows of the Belly Rest cradle your hips and support your pregnant belly and lower back at the same time. The pillow top - the part of the Belly Rest that is in contact with your body - is made of satin, allowing you to comfortably glide to the other pillow when you roll over. Unlike other large pregnancy pillows that take up most of the bed (goodbye, spouse!), each pillow of the Belly Rest is just 8.5 X 12 inches. Perhaps most important of all, the Belly Rest is adjustable - as your belly grows over the course of your pregnancy, you can easily increase the distance between the two pillows to accommodate it.

Taking care of your Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is easy. Made from 50% cotton/ 50% polyester satin, the Belly Rest is completely machine washable.

Here's how the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow looks in action:

Note that the cotton underside of the Belly Rest helps to keep it in place on your bed, while the satin top allows you to glide comfortably over it as you roll at night.


The Belly Rest Pillow is:

  • Small! Most pregnancy pillows are huge and seem to take up half of the bed. In contrast, the compact Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow allows you to sleep comfortably while still in the same zip code as your dear spouse. In addition to being good for your marriage, it's also great for travel. At under a pound, the Belly Rest provides you with the ultimate in discreet portability.

  • Adjustable! We all know that pregnancy is not a static condition: bellies start small and grow large over the course of nine months. The adjustable Belly Rest is designed to accommodate your belly in all its glorious states, from bump to, ahem, larger bump...

  • Comfortable! During development of the Belly Rest, fourteen different prototypes were tested on nine different pregnant women (humanely, mind you - no pregnant women were harmed in the development of the Belly Rest). The result of this painstaking process was a pillow that has routinely been called a "lifesaver" by pregnant women across the world.

  • Convenient! Washing your pregnancy pillow shouldn't be like taking a sleeping bag to the Laundromat - and with the Belly Rest, it isn't. Just throw it in your washing machine along with like colors and tumble dry low. No slipcover to mess with, no roll of quarters required.

For more information on the Belly Rest, visit the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow website.

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Check out this video on how BellyRest will help you sleep better:


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Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Olympia, WA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best pregnancy pillow out there!
April 10, 2015
I tried several pregnancy pillows and they all took up so much room in the bed and were one size fits all...this one is adjustable so it is comfortable throughout pregnancy. Essential pregnancy item!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A Must Have During Pregnancy
January 28, 2014
This product is absolutely amazing, and every pregnant woman should own one!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Why didn't I invent this?
November 6, 2013
As a Nurse-Midwife who takes care of dozens of pregnant women each week, I can say that this pillow makes complete sense physiologically and practically and should be a required gift for all expecting women. The vast majority of round ligament pain arises when the uterus dangles in a torqued or unsupported position- e.g. sidelying, when it doesn't reach the support of the bed- and, after about 16-18 weeks, sidelying is pretty much the only option a pregnant woman is left with. By using a wedge under the growing uterus at night, the mother can avoid the overwhelming majority of round ligament pain during the day. But, who wants to wake up every time she turns over just to reposition her belly pillow? In my first pregnancy, I lay awake at night scheming about a method to strap or glue pillows to either side of my waxing abdomen. Foolish and impractical. A more elegant solution was at hand. Consider the Belly Rest- designed by a mom who had apparently had the same sort of insomnia I had, but was a bit more ingenious an inventor. Satiny and double sided, it facilitates turning without the enormous rigamarole of repositioning and reworking a gigantic maternity pillow - yielding considerably longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep. Also worth mentioning is the the pillow's small size allows the pregnant mama to continue to sleep *in the same bed* with the one she loves without requiring a third trimester upgrade to California King. Nothing is perfect, and as your pregnancy progresses, you'll likely need the addition of a pillow or wedge between your knees and/or ankles, and there is no product on the market that can eliminate all hip and ligament pain in pregnancy. But, buy yourself (and every pregnant mama you know) one of these, and I just about guarantee you'll sleep better at night and ache less during the day.

Rated 5 based on 3 reviews
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