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"We were told IVF was our only option to conceive..."
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Most Recent Product Reviews
Worth every penny
Tracy Wisconsin May 4, 2016
I am so glad I purchased the milk saver. I can collect an extra 3 to 5 ounces per day which is a huge help to stock my freezer before I return to work. It is easy to use and clean!
sandra china May 3, 2016
i heard the product from my friend, she recived IVF in march and succeed. i have taken ovaboost nearly one month, now i haven't pregnant. i don't know how long i have taken it ,or how much time i could take it ?
Bundle of joy Inglewood, CA May 2, 2016
Im 28 nd have been ttc for about 5 years now nd I always test negative, I have pcos nd the dr says to keep trying it will happen, I tried fertility drug for about 3 years ND nothing I gave up a few times but then my emotiona side get to me cuz I really want a baby to love nd give the love I never had, I have taken vitamins nd still negative test so I came across this nd was king of spectacle about trying but I read the review nd hoping that thEze are real ppl nd not just ppl just trying to sale us a product in a desperate need but any I just placed my order nd will be making another review
Angelina United States May 2, 2016
Great price! I love the fact that with my pregnancy conditions and on bed rest I can listen to my baby safe and sound at home.
Loved this product
Ashley Texas May 2, 2016
My husband and I have been trying for three years to have our second kid. After I finally got pregnant last year, it ended in a miscarriage. At that point, I decided to give these products a try. I started with the Fertilaid for women the first month and added in the Fertilaid CM the second month. After just those two months, I found out I was pregnant; something that took me over 2.5 years to do without the products. I am currently almost 10 weeks pregnant and have heard the heartbeat twice of our so far healthy baby! We are beyond thrilled. I definitely recommend these products.
We Partnered with Toni Weschler, Author of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"

Fertility supplements, ovulation prediction tools and much more...

You've been taught your whole life how not to get pregnant, but when you're ready to start a family, nobody tells you how to get pregnant. Since 2003, Fairhaven Health has been dedicated to assisting in this process by providing a complete range of products for trying-to-conceive couples. Our doctor-designed, non-prescription products often serve as a safe, natural alternative to costly fertility drugs or invasive infertility treatments. From fertility enhancing supplements like FertilAid, FertileCM, and FertiliTea, to ovulation predictors like the OvaCue Fertility Monitor and Fertile Focus, Fairhaven Health has you covered.

Prenatal vitamins, breastfeeding support and more for Mom and Baby...

Ensuring the purity of what you put in your body is always important, but it becomes an even greater concern while pregnant and nursing. Fairhaven Health provides a wide selection of natural, doctor-designed products to help support you during this important life stage. From our top-reviewed Peapod Prenatal vitamin and Omega-3 supplement, to our Nursing Blend postnatal multivitamin and Nursing Time Tea, we're dedicated to helping you – and baby – meet your unique nutritional needs.
*Fairhaven Health products are non-prescription and have no known associated health risks or negative side effects. See more information about expected results here.

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